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    Yeah I'm so tired of taking it in and out of the bumper to use it with my car stereo. Any non oem apple connector doesn't work with any kind of case. Going to attempt to dremel out part of the bumper
    I Dremel'd all the 3rd-party connectors including the connector on my Pioneer CD IB100II car ipod adapter. That actually fixed my 30GB iPod classic because now I get sound out of both the left and right speakers. My iPod fell one day while connected to the adapter and it yanked the connector from the socket in the iPod and the left side audio wouldn't sound unless the connector was set perfectly in socket. By shaving 2-3mm of plastic off the connector not only does it fit better in the ipod and fixing that audio issue, but it slides into the iPhone 4 bumper perfectly making contact in the socket (so no more annoying having to remove the bumper). I was concerned that Dremeling the bumper would compromise the integrity\longetivity of the bumper.
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    That sucks. I haven't updated mine yet, but my friend has and he now has 1-3 bars in the same house he's living in where he used to have 5.

    Incorrect sir. I have updated and still can replicate the deathgrip without even trying!
    It is a life time warranty. You should be able to get a new one.

    If they do issue a voluntary recall, I'm going to be pissed that I will lose my $30 invisibleSHIELD
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