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    @the person who is saying he returned his i4 but is trying to justify his arguments about apps he purchased and why he doesn't receive a refund.

    That's like saying you buy a windows based computer. Buy different applications for it. Turns out you don't like the computer so you return it. Now you paid for all these applications that are useless. And complaining that u should get a refund for these apps as well.
    Totally different.
    I blame Apple because Apple knew about the problem before the pre-sale, Apple denied the problem right off the bat. Had they admit this problem before the sale, I would not have bought iPhone 4 until a permanent solution have been made. Then all this other problems I have with Apple would not even be there, everything STARTED with Apple trying to move the blame onto something else is just irresponsible company.
    Apple took away that CHOICE by hiding the problem when they sold the product, even to this day they try to cloud the antennagate problem (touching 1 spot) with blocking the signals (gorilla grip). Whatever the reasons Apple had by selling faulty product one thing that can not be denied, consumers were lied to. I returned the phone not because Apple allowed it, there is a law giving 30 day money back for mail order. If it means I have to pay the restocking fee, fine with me because that is how bad this antennagate bothers me. But I knew Apple would be forced to take it back without the restocking fee, consumer outrage would hurt Apple even more.
    Uhhh BTW I can buy windows based computer, it has problem I can not buy another windows based computer without the flaw and reinstall program. IT IS A DESIGN FLAW!! It could totally be avoided by putting thin coating like Apple does on the screens, but they didn't. A brain fart?
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