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    There are to many electronic gadget sites and they all report the same thing, are all of these sites even necessary anymore? But I have to agree this article...wtf? Who the hell cares about who is running what iPhone OS?
    "Don't hold it like that!"
    2010-07-24 07:11 AM
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    3.1.3 is where its at baby. Just get backgrounder, categories sb, and if you want, an ios 4 theme and there you go you got ios 4 lol!

    I tried iOS 4 about 5 times and i always went back to 3.1.3 because that iOS 4 multitasking is just not the same and also a lot of thing dont theme correctly and it was a pain going back and fixing it. If you have a 3G iOS 4 really brings nothing. Sure its got unified mailboxes and some other stuff but do you absolutely need it and are you going to sacrifice your awesome themes and mods for just some small new features when you could probably get something very similar in cydia? Nah i dont think so.
    You have convinced ne to stay in my FW 3.1.2 on my ipt3 (at least until an overhaul of updates for 95% of cydia apps).

    Blackra1n on 3.1.2 is where its at, 3.1.3 is crap and was a waste of an xploit. I wush I could at least try ios4 soon, but dont want to risk it; no SHSH blobs nor ipt3 JB yet I have to upgrade sometime tho; haven't upgraded once yet, and to capture some SHSH blobs
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    2010-07-24 07:36 AM
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    who cares
    2010-07-24 04:06 PM
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    i thought it was kind of interesting /:
    2010-07-26 02:14 AM
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