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    I have Att since the first iphone and i can honestly say its been good.i went on a cruise with the family and the only phone whi had service whats mine and my bfs wit att.people are ways complaining if you dont like atts service just go somewhere else if verizon couldnt handle the droid its not going to handle the iphone i will stick with att i think it has great service.......
    2010-07-24 06:59 PM
  2. Nielsenius's Avatar
    i live in a big city and ATT has worked fine for me ... pretty good in fact .
    V.few missed calls the 3 years i've had the iphone ...... cheapest data plan n pretty good data service ( seriously, has anyone ever not been able to connect because 'the server is down , doing maintenance , system problem ' etc) . I cant say for sure but given the relative data usage n number of users , ATT has done a pretty good job so far ).

    The only thing i have had issues with is their tethering plan .... i
    I agree. The service is fine, but $20 (or whatever huge amount it is) per month for tethering is absolutely retarded. It's our data, we should be able to use it how we like. Just another reason to jailbreak.
    2010-07-24 07:00 PM
  3. A_DuB187's Avatar
    I've been an AT&T customer for over 7 years now and I'm more than happy with thier service. I actually have a Verizon phone as a company phone and I often find myself using my personal AT&T phone because the Verizon phone looses reception lol.
    2010-07-24 07:06 PM
  4. g4ess's Avatar
    i live in brookyln ny n work mostly on the entire east coast at&t never failed me yet
    2010-07-24 07:19 PM
  5. GranDaddyPurp's Avatar
    i live in NY and I haven't had any 3G issues or anything like I have with T-Mobile. Maybe just one or two dropped calls but other than that AT&T is alright
    I Take Three L's To The Head...Love, Live, Life then I'm Dead
    2010-07-24 07:45 PM
  6. tgabriel123's Avatar
    I can honestly say I have NEVER experienced 3g on my iPhone anywhere in Oklahoma. I always have the little E. Now when I lived in Michigan it Always said 3G and was 5 times faster..now I just feel ripped off with a big monthly bill.
    2010-07-24 07:47 PM
  7. metalmaster420's Avatar
    My only gripe with AT&T is I don't have 3G where I live. I pay $30/month for data that I can barely use because Edge is so slow.
    2010-07-24 08:03 PM
  8. nofixedadderess's Avatar
    I can honestly say I have NEVER experienced 3g on my iPhone anywhere in Oklahoma. I always have the little E. Now when I lived in Michigan it Always said 3G and was 5 times faster..now I just feel ripped off with a big monthly bill.
    good lord that qualifies as thuggery , sorry dude
    Have you talked to ATT and explained this ?
    One phone call wont make them 3Gify Your place but I am sure they would cut your data rate to 20 ( the EDGE rate for the original iphone)
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    2010-07-24 08:24 PM
  9. emtee25's Avatar
    Dont have that problem as im in uk so no AT&T
    3gs iPhone 32gb-Jailbroken factory unlocked
    iPhone 4 jailbroken & factory unlocked
    2010-07-24 08:32 PM
  10. BlahzaySqah's Avatar
    "This is not surprising,considering the fact that I've had some sorta' problem with every iPhone since it's inception, but this is not my reason for posting this comment,its about the overall AT&T experience not to mention the customer service,it's as though they jus' immediately figure your scamming when u call in or talk to a service rep at a store,I am disappointed that jus' recently I was informed that my contract changed without me bein' notified,which n turn stop me from upgrading to the new iPhone until march 2011...!! That's a full 6months after I'm eligible for a full upgrade under my original contract & terms(the new contract failed to inform me that I now upgrade a full 15Months into a 2yr Contract in stead of the original 12Months.."NICE!!!...nor did the sales rep who sold me the phone tell me this when I asked him are there any changes in my contract that I need to know of,he stated no & politely took my electronic signature,handed me my phone & on to the next one...)I love the iPhone don't get me wrong,it's jus' AT&T & the way they treat they're customers both in service,new product releases & one on one issues......etc.
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    2010-07-24 08:35 PM
  11. lineskis's Avatar
    I dont mind at&t just wish it was cheaper.
    2010-07-24 08:48 PM
  12. rhekt's Avatar
    My only gripe with AT&T is I don't have 3G where I live. I pay $30/month for data that I can barely use because Edge is so slow.
    No one has forced you to buy the iPhone
    2010-07-24 08:59 PM
  13. inyuke's Avatar
    I am currently off contract w/ AT&T. I'm waiting, patiently, for Verizon to get the iPhone.
    Lmao you have fun waiting. Apple already made contract with AT&T meaning they're not going to verizon lmao
    2010-07-24 09:00 PM
  14. kuhndsn's Avatar
    NO...we don't really like AT&T!
    But it is not surprising that we didn't get contacted...
    "we"?!? Do you have a mouse in your pocket? How about "me myself and I"? But as I am sure would happen, if you change service providers I am sure the "we" problems would follow some of the customers like the Pide Piper. Unless the world is blanketed by service of faster and stronger reception there will be issues with every service provider.

    No one has forced you to buy the iPhone
    He didn't say he was forced or disliked the service. Only expressing his one gripe.
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    2010-07-24 09:04 PM
  15. area51crypto's Avatar

    Confounding expectations built up through three years of complaints and previous studies showing AT&T clients as the least satisfied among customers of the major US carriers, a new survey from the Yankee Group shows that 73% of iPhone users are actually "very satisfied" with AT&T's service. Objections have been raised to the methodology of the study, including that it ignores the location of the respondents, which tends to obscure the fact that most AT&T service problems are in cities.

    The study's author credits the so-called iPhone "halo effect" for the positive impressions of AT&T. Carl Howe told CNNMoney.com that "consumers transfer the high gloss of their Apple iPhone experience to AT&T." Unsurprisingly, AT&T says it's all a misunderstanding. "There's a gap between what people hear about us and what their experience is with us. We think that gap is beginning to close," Mark Siegel, an AT&T spokesman, said in a statement, adding "we have a great network."

    No details were available from the Yankee Group website on how the survey was conducted or even how many iPhone users were contacted. Carolina Milanesi, vice president of mobile devices research at Gartner Group told NewsFactor's Adam Dickter that the results didn't line up with her studies. "My comments are based on feedback from clients we have in the U.S., especially in metropolitan areas, and my personal experience when roaming on the AT&T network." she said. "I have to admit I am very surprised by the results."

    A Consumer Reports study done last year found that AT&T had the worst rating among major carriers in terms of quality, service availability, circuit capacity, dropped-call frequency, and voice service. The study, surveying 50,000 users in 26 cities, gave top ranking to Verizon Wireless.

    Source: CNN
    AT&T actually recently discovered the forumla used for calculating the reports were wrong and forumlated and new one that shows less people are dissatisfied with them! Less bars!
    2010-07-24 09:07 PM
  16. mr117's Avatar
    I agree, I wish it was cheaper. Other than that, I have excellent service in Southern California, and I had excellent service in Northern California (two iPhones, and two RAZRs). My wife has a different (non I)phone and she has excellent service. And when I drive between the two, I mostly have excellent service along the way. The only time I have a dropped call is when my older son and I are talking (North and South) on our iPhones and his drops (he lives in a marginal phone area in Oakland). I almost never see the dread "E." Oh, and I live on the edge of the continent, not in Metro LA.

    If you have a phone that doesn't get service, get rid of the phone or the service. I wouldn't use an iPhone if I couldn't get 3G, what would be the point? The cost of service is too high. If you have to have an iPhone, and service in your area is bad (all carriers have poorly-covered areas), get a regular phone.

    Sooner or later the iPhone will be available on more carriers in the U.S., and you will all get to see that the problem is not AT&T. The problem is too many phones too fast for a(ny) carrier to keep up. It will happen to Verizon and TMobile as well. Then the whining can be about those carriers.
    2010-07-24 09:11 PM
  17. tudtran's Avatar
    Well they didn't ask me.
    2010-07-24 09:13 PM
  18. z6joker9's Avatar
    Been with AT&T/Cingular/bellsouth mobility for a long, long time. I have no complaints. Between the release of the 3G and before 3G towers went up in my town if 35,000 people, EDGE was terribly slow, so I complained and they gave me a few months of free data.

    I did try a local CDMA carrier briefly but the service was awful (their CS was excellent however). Verizon opened their first store here less than a year ago. Sprint is awful outside of the city/highways. Every single person I know uses AT&T, so I never use my anytime minutes.
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    2010-07-24 09:23 PM
  19. Hypertek99's Avatar
    AT&T user here for a very long time. No complaints. I use to have Verizon and will not go back with them.
    2010-07-24 09:26 PM
  20. crsballers's Avatar
    i get good reception at my house half of the year the other rest it wont send a message at all it may take up to a minute
    2010-07-24 09:53 PM
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