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    I don't like how AT&T does business. There way too expensive, and they require a very expensive deposit.
    That deposit is based on YOUR personal credit history....my wife and I have okay credit. It's not spectacular but it's good and we can get up to four lines with no deposit on any line.

    Me and My girl are paying $150 for Unlim data/txt and 450 min for two Iphone's
    Same for my wife and I. Except we have the FAN discount which brings it to about $120-$130 after taxes. That's two iPhones btw.

    See this is why i dislike millitary folk.
    Actually no I don't see...and most people are going to agree with me.
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    Mike dumb? Very original! Go back to the second grade!
    Original? Nah, just accurate. Would you care to address the rest of my post? Care to explain why you're hugely generalizing just like the racists you feel our country is so full of? Hmmmm?

    Seriously, stick to the prescription plan your Dr. advised for your meds...you're slipping man.

    BTW, you do realize that a LOT of the cops, firemen and EMTs that you respect so much, that are the REAL heroes that you described earlier, are ex-military.

    Wow, you really are a moron...
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    i have the HTC Evo 4g on sprint and I pay $70 for unlimited everything. The Evo is faster than the iPhone and it is much better all around. It supports flash too.

    Don't get me wrong. I used to have sprint and I like they're prices and service well enough. But evo being better then an iPhone 4 that has no issues is just not true. Hey Tex just because your screen is bigger doesn't make your evo better...,and yes I have had plenty of experience with BOTH phones. Have you? I'm gonna guess not.....

    That is too expensive for quite some people!

    A bit off topic, but isn't it possible to just block data for the iPhone 4 for those who don't even use it?
    Not if you have AT&T. They force a data plan on you as far as I know all contracted carriers that you use a smartphone with does this if I'm not mistaken.

    So i'm supposed to give you respect because you have a MBA and speak 6 languages? You broke some ribs....blah blah, that was your choice, nobody should give you any special treatment for making an idiotic decision. And please dont assume my "hate" (if you can call it that) towards the millitary is for the police, emts, and firemen - these folks are real heroes, protecting OUR interests directly, here locally. I hold the upmost respect for these people, and yes there are some bad apples and whatnot, but these people risk their lives every friggin day to help people in need and that deserves respect. Not some war over oil! And please dont tell me you have not screwed some local middle eastern prostitute and paid her with my tax dollars because you will only be lying to yourself.

    By the way, i have a BA and make more money than you and i only speak two languages - so i guess under your mindless meathead rule, i deserve respect, right? Arrogant child? bah! But not to sound childish, but I imagine you looking and sounding like the character "General Monger" from the Monsters vs Aliens movie i took my 6 year old son to see several months ago. You know its true.........hahaha
    As a father myself I sure hope these are not the values and beliefs you teach you child....,,
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    Any word on pay as you go rates?
    2010-07-25 01:30 PM
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    See this is why i dislike millitary folk.
    MikeDub, here you go. You deserve it.

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    If I've helped you or even just made you laugh, hit Thanks. Every time you do, an iPhone gets jailbroken. FREE THE iPHONES!!!
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    Hey thanks to all the Military persons on this forum and in the U.S.A, if it wasnt for them i wouldnt have the freedom i have now.

    Mike dub you would hate your own children when they joined the military (what a great dad). I think you deserve nothing more than a kick in the balls oh wait you dont have any. You should feel lucky you live here because there are some countries that force you to do what they want you to do (you should go live in one of them instead of here, you dont deserve to live in the U.S.A) And you probably dont value your freedom.

    I think its great that some of these big companies give our military personnel discounts.
    2010-07-25 03:25 PM
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    Dang. America is waaay too expensive. How do you guys live with prices like that? I guess ATT has got you by the short and curlies.

    I'm paying about $75 for a one year contract with unlimited sms, mms, internet/data, calls to local landlines and all other mobile operators at any time plus free TV (60 channels), Map/GPS (turn by turn directions), Live football matches, wifi hotspots, and finally all-inclusive insurance against accidental damage, loss, theft, which covers the screen and water damage.

    Beat that ATT!!!!

    I guess the US is behind the rest of the world (Europe, S.E. Asia) when it comes to mobile networks. Shocking stuff.

    Off topic and troll-like: All these nobs debating the rights and wrongs of military and boasting about MBA's/BA's, sort out your spelling and grammar people!!! If Mr MBA is in the military making such simple and bad spelling and grammar mistakes, I dread to think what other more serious mistakes are made. No wonder my cousin (TV reporter, with big TV pasted on his uniform) was killed by "friendly fire". Military calls it "collateral damage", so I guess all the people who died in 9/11 are "collateral damage" too???
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    MikeDub, here you go. You deserve it.

    2010-07-25 03:59 PM
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    Why would anyone pay these high prices?
    2010-07-25 05:44 PM
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    Please keep the the topic! The next one that states anything about the military if they like it or don't etc.... will get a infraction! Your here to enjoy your experience with your phone and this topic is about AT&T's data plans!
    2010-07-25 06:44 PM
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    Welp I guess it was just a rumour.
    2010-07-26 01:07 AM
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    Wow I can just say I am glad living in Europe/Germany!

    We can get an unlocked iPhone 3GS 16 GB for about 550€ and then have pay as you go.

    I pay 10€ for 500 MB 3,5G Speed and after the 500 MB it is limited to GPRS.
    Besides that I have 2 years of free calls in my network and pay 7€ for 100 minutes to other carriers.

    Guess the ATT-iPhone combination should be forbidden as it is a kind of monopoly...

    €: For those who wonder why I own just an iPod Touch: I use it in combination with an Nokia n95 8GB and tether my internet to the iPod
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    I hope you guys realize these prices are just the features bundled together. Take the 450 with the 15$ data plan and the unlimited text plan the prices are still 39.99 for the voice plan, 20 for the unlimited text and 15 for the 200mb data plan. They just bundled them together so they're easier to read. This will not changed anything price wise for you guys.
    But that is with a 200mb cap on the data plan.
    I have had unlimited data for $20/month with the 39.99 phone plan, so now I will have to either spend more each month, or go over the 200mb and pay through the nose.

    AND this is a change of contract, so I should be able to break my contract with ATT and go elsewhere! But we all know the fine print probably has a disclaimer in there to say that ATT can change pricing at will.

    What I am saying is this sure smells like bait and switch.....
    2010-07-28 06:39 PM
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    I returned my IPhone 4 on the 29th. It dropped 4 out of 5 calls, and most people said I sounded staticy (not sure that's a word but that's what everyone but AppleCare said I sounded like). So anyway back to the 3g, and tmobile, to wait and see whether they will ever get a phone that will at least keep up with the iPhone, or even better, the EVO. AT&T for two years and their crazy high prices? And to know in one year apple will come out with a new one and I'll still have another year. Nope, back to the 3G. It's slower than all hell, but at least it doesn't drop calls without duct tape, cost me $300 less for now, and it runs me about $70 cheaper a month. I've loved the 2g, 3G, & 3GS, but I'm growing weary of apple and AT&T, and HTC is starting to look better! PS. My username is the same as the new Apple vacuum:-)
    2010-08-01 06:46 AM
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