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    There isn't a court ruling to say it illegal. No court case has come to the conclusion that jailbreaking is illegal, it's been argued that they are simply modifying the software which IS legal, and they aren't distributing copyrighted software. Apple can't touch them. As Saurik said in the interview the only thing Apple can do is deny your warranty claim. They even state in a post on their website if you have a jailbroken phone they won't honor it. Apple has no legal recourse, as of right now and since jailbreaking started back in the days, to go after anyone involved in jailbreaking.

    (I remember waiting until a public jailbreak came out, going to my local AT&T store in Columbus Ga, buying the phone, and sitting in their parking lot to use their free wifi and entering the numbers on the emergency call screen to access the settings to turn on wifi. 5 minutes later I had a jailbroken iPhone courtesy of AT&Ts free wifi.)
    Thanks for the info on that, clears up some questions I've had for sometime.
    2010-07-26 04:48 PM
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    Can't play these damn youtube videos on my ipad or iphone 4. They take FOREVER to load. I have to use my old windows lap top to be able to watch these!!!!!!!

    Very frustrating!!!!!!!
    I have the same problem on my i4 too! I think they want to play the high-def and the phone\pad can't handle that bitrate over AT&T. Is there a way to change the quality on the Youtube vids on the iDevice Youtube player app, so HD videos will actually stream?

    Its like theres no way someone could have masterminded all this, but also its like how is this even possible nowadays? A handful of people fighting vs. a whole army of corporate software engineers, and noone else has the power to do it? Its all so cool and strange, and mysterious and i ^#^@ing love it all.

    Cant wait for this JB!
    They are the Jedi masters of our world.
    2010-07-26 05:43 PM
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    I didn't know comex was 17. I knew about geohot but I'm even more impressed by comex now. Our next generations leaders.... Hopefully
    Comex also "jailbroke" the Wii with an app called Bannerbomb. Look it up.
    Anybody want a 32GB Mint Condition Black JB Unlocked 3GS? PM me with offers.
    2010-07-26 05:44 PM
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    Damn that is just 17 holy **** he has to be in college. Just do stuff like these when I has at he's age I was smoking weed

    But good work for all ten of u guy's
    Last edited by sh33436; 2010-07-26 at 07:48 PM.
    2010-07-26 07:45 PM
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    Saurik, Comex and the other JBer's... should have Action Figures of them and sell 'em at Comic-Con.
    - CTRobins
    When it comes to Humility.... I am the greatest!
    2010-07-26 09:48 PM
  6. TehkProductionZ's Avatar
    Ha, exactly, it's kind of weird that he posted that, since you know... It's... July.
    2010-07-27 10:48 AM
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    17..... that explains a lot..... When I saw the posts from geohot about him being tierd of people asking him about the JB release and he was just going to keep it for himself I thought he was acting like a child.... well he is one so it makes sense now.....

    It's scary the level of technological brilliance some kids have.... When they don't have the maturity to match it.....
    2010-07-30 12:11 AM
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    Thanks GOD+ for having Mr.Freeman!!!
    This is an alive ICON!!!
    Now you guys can justify how Honorable this man is and how miserable is Steve Jobs -the greediest creature on the planet Earth
    2010-08-31 07:22 AM
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