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    I'm am a jailbreaker but I have ipt I have 2 iPod touches i have 1st gen and 3rd gen I upgraded 2 4.0 on my 3rd gen but I love my 1st get it will jailbroken until it breaks
    2010-07-30 07:18 AM
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    This was a great post!
    2010-08-01 08:24 PM
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    quite the opposite my friend, I follow all of them on Twitter, the sole reason I even have that app. I get the text's when they post too. I check into mmi 8-10 times a day also.
    What I AM able to do better than you is read between the lines!! These guys are absolutely brilliant, and they are having fits trying to make this particular JB happen... Its never taken them in excess of 5 weeks to do it before. The tweets that I read scream nothing but one issue after another every time they make any progress. Comex hasn't tweeted much of anything encouraging or promising all week! BTW, thanks for totally missing the entire actual point of my post!

    Hope you're enjoying you're 3GS 3.1.2. While the jailbreak DID HAPPEN!! I myself have been enjoying my jailbroken iPhone 4 for several hours now. You should have waited bro. They said it was done, they just needed to package it for all users. And THAT they did!!! Wow... A three year old could use this jailbreak. Hence the reason it took so much time.
    2010-08-02 07:02 AM
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    great article! I couldn't agree more!
    2010-08-02 08:55 AM
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