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  1. zmanforever's Avatar
    I need to change my boxers
    2010-08-01 11:14 PM
  2. ugotpwned5's Avatar
    clear your cache in the setting menu and try again. it worked for me! goodluck!
    2010-08-01 11:14 PM
  3. Kenny3Stacks's Avatar
    Got it working on my first try. SBSettings, here I come.

    War does not determine who is right - only who is left.
    2010-08-01 11:15 PM
  4. ReadyAimFire's Avatar
    Used JailbreakMe on safari and everything went smooth as silk
    What are some Cydia apps I should get???

    2010-08-01 11:15 PM
  5. theimapwnu's Avatar
    man i must be unluckly as hell, over 20 attempts now on the main and the mirror and just getting the space screen
    2010-08-01 11:16 PM
  6. itouch8112's Avatar
    Hey I got Question!
    Im' currently on 3.1.3 on iPod Touch 3G Jailbroken (Spirit), and want to know if i have to restore before going to Official Apple Firmware 4.0 or If can just update to iOS 4. i just dont feel like syncing all my music, videos, and games again.
    2010-08-01 11:17 PM
  7. ronfin44's Avatar
    If you slide the Slider and nothing happens, then retry because it's frozen. You DON'T wait for it to start. It should start IMMEDIATELY. Soon as you slide the Slider the little spinning wheel next to your wifi signal bar should start and immediately you should see a new window that says "Downloading..This may take a while" with a progress bar. I had to try many times, but got it to work on the original site.
    Your an ignorant moron!
    2010-08-01 11:17 PM
  8. Funked's Avatar
    Excellent work
    2010-08-01 11:17 PM
  9. iNeo's Avatar
    Now downloadinggg!!!
    been waiting for this for so long!!

    EDIT : DONE!
    Last edited by iNeo; 2010-08-01 at 11:21 PM.
    2010-08-01 11:17 PM
  10. allicatmeow's Avatar
    kid, while i love your little "troll" comment i have to say that you are so very very wrong. I really do not care if i have to wait another 6 months for a jailbreak on this thing because i myself do not live through my cell phone. Besides, i've got my ipad and it is jailbroken, so who really cares. I'm not complaining, i'm pointing out a flaw in decision making on the part of the people that decided a web based jailbreak was best. Anyone with a brain would have known that after all of the ignorant actions/comments from people who beg for jailbreaks on a daily basis, that the servers would be down within minutes of this being announced. Now i'm sure that you have a brain that has not fully developed yet and you do not understand anything other than "black" and "white" in your sad little world but the rest of us know there is a gray area. I'm in that area by using my right to speak freely and share my thoughts on the "release" of this jailbreak. So please, take the time to try and defend yourself here with more school yard comments and inane little insults but at the end of the day, you couldn't keep up with me on a bad day in life and probably never will judging from your absurd "insulting response". Have a great and stay the hell out of mine you little waste of space.
    2010-08-01 11:18 PM
  11. radiocolin's Avatar
    Died halfway through, phone got wonky, wouldn't restart, just hung at the Apple. Restoring from DFU now. Sigh... Take 2.
    2010-08-01 11:18 PM
  12. rab123's Avatar
    If you're getting redirected to the mirror clear safaris history, cache and cookies. I did this and am now jailbroken!
    2010-08-01 11:18 PM
  13. skater38053's Avatar
    cant seem to send picture through text now :/
    2010-08-01 11:19 PM
  14. ploth's Avatar
    Wow almost seems TOO EASY! who can resist now?
    2010-08-01 11:19 PM
  15. TBbmx's Avatar
    Thanks!! This was so great, and I am so excited for the unlock to be out soon so I can use my iphone as an iphone haha! Thanks Dev Team and @comex! You guys are amazing!!

    FYI I erased my browser history and went to the original site and it worked right away! Thanks again!
    2010-08-01 11:20 PM
  16. imilad's Avatar
    Wohoooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! Its done
    2010-08-01 11:20 PM
  17. remoteme's Avatar
    I turned off my WIFI, cleared cache and cookies, tried again and BAM its downloading now, no problems.
    2010-08-01 11:20 PM
  18. theimapwnu's Avatar
    2010-08-01 11:20 PM
  19. Bleeditout2130's Avatar
    I'm "sitting tight", this is exciting!
    2010-08-01 11:20 PM
  20. punklove's Avatar
    So easy! iPad 3.2.1 is free! Thanks! Used official site. Took 20 some tries and 20 minutes. Not too bad. Just keep tryin people.

    Really like the return of jailbreakme! Imagine how big a turd apple just dropped in their trousers! This is gonna be impossible for them to keep even the dumbest of users from being able to do.

    Awesome choice of distribution! Especially coming off the recent ruling regarding jailbreaking
    happiness is a warm iphone~~~~
    2010-08-01 11:21 PM
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