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  1. ComputerGeek96's Avatar
    Do you guys use the otterbox for everyday use? How does it fit in your pocket
    the iphone 4 otterbox fits in the pocket better than the 3GS one but i keep mine on my belt. if first i didn't like the clip for the iphone 4 otterbox but its grown on me cause it doesn't come off accidentally as much.
    2010-08-07 07:16 AM
  2. evolasme's Avatar
    Not sure if it means anything but i got an email yesterday from Apple saying my Free case has been shipped, only a couple weeks after they started the program even more strange is i ordered a case that they said would be ready in 6 to 8 weeks...
    we shall see when it arrives
    "Jane, get me off this crazy thing !!!!"
    2010-08-07 12:16 PM
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