1. kick's Avatar
    Apple can suck on that. Lol
    2010-08-20 06:44 AM
  2. LGgeek's Avatar
    i cant believe you posted this video.... this might be the end of justin long's contract on apple doing some cool commercial stuff dont you know that?

    give it a rest , do google search on "jimmy kimmel mac guy"

    the whole world is posting and talking about it. not like MMI blew his career.
    I don't drink kool-Aid, I don't join cults.
    This is why I break out in cold sweat going to Apple retail store.
    2010-08-20 11:05 PM
  3. robertr1's Avatar
    Out of all people, WTF did Disney remove the vid, lol?

    I did find the mispellings on his texts pretty funny (on part 3, shown in an earlier post on page 5). Dewin, Beeber, lol. Cool that even some prominent Apple people are among, just pretty cool
    Not to be a conspiracy theorist here but Steve Jobs is the largest share holder in Disney.... More of a joke than serious but who knows?
    2010-08-21 03:02 AM
  4. Antman217's Avatar
    He's not under contract with apple anymore, there hasn't been Mac vs PC ad in a while. He's done many movies since then including live free or die hard and his new one with jenifer aniston
    Just because there aren't any commercials anymore doesn't mean there can be a contract. Maybe there's a contract where he can't do commercials with anyone else and he gets paid by apple to reject other commercials lol. And about the movies I was being sarcastic of course he'll be in movies that's what I meant when I said "I'm sure he'll have other things to do" he's a f*cking actor!
    2010-08-21 12:00 PM
  5. ShadowKnight27's Avatar
    I've seen him in an online game! Ge hacked and I asked him how he did it and he said he can't tell me or he gets " the boot"
    2010-08-22 12:18 AM
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