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    Don't forget to check out The Official AppStore App available for free in iTunes!

    Requires iOS v4.0 or higher.

    Synchronicity is a handy little tweak that allows the impatient to continue to use their device while it is sycning with iTunes. Everything is available as normal, with the exception of the Music app.

    Synchronicity is compatible with any device with firmware 4.0 or 4.0.1. Obviously you may experience some slight lag/performance issues when this is going on, depending on what your trying to do on your phone and the device your using.

    Synchronicity can be found in Cydia for $2.00.

    iOS 4 Compatible

    Once rumored to be a closed project, Mutlifl0w is back in action and ready for iOS 4. Enable exposé-like multitasking iPhone, iPad or iPod! The new release has been totally rewritten for speed, reliability, a redesigned interface, and of course, iOS4.

    Multifl0w will display all currently backgrounded apps (up to 9) on the one screen, for an easy and quick control over task switching. Multifl0w has the ability to work alongside or completely replace Apple's built in task switcher inside iOS 4. Make sure you grab backgrounder along with this if you haven't already.

    You can find multifl0w in Rock or Cydia for $4.99.

    iOS 4 Compatible

    Resupported4 has been updated and now includes some handy new features. Resupported enables video-out with the use of almost any unsupported AV cables, usually made for iPods. Resupported4 also now adds video playback support to third-party applications, such as Hulu+, IMDB, VEVO, and more!

    Resupported4 is available in Cydia or Rock and includes a 10 Day Trial.

    Disable Multitasking
    Exactly what it says. This tweak will allow you to disable the build in multitasking inside of iOS 4.x. A great tweak for those who need to conserve battery or launch way too many apps. Find this one free in Cydia or Rock.

    iCallAnnounce will announce (in human voice) the name of the caller you're just receiving a call from. It can also announce the full SMS details (Sender & Text) of an incoming SMS message when it arrives. Available in Rock for $1.99

    Similar to iCallAnnounce, CallTell announces who's calling you before ringing, same for text messages. Not sure the difference between the two apps but it sounds like an App War to me. This is available for $1.99 on Cydia

    Disable the Spotlight page on the springboard. Not going to lie, I installed this as soon as I saw it. I NEVER use the spotlight. This one is free in Rock or Cydia.

    WiBlaze claims to be an "super fast web browser for the iDevices." Check it out, it's free on Cydia or Rock.

    Volume Booster 4.0
    Increase the maximum volume of your built in speakers. iOS 4 Compatible

    Auto3G extends your battery life by automatically turning off the 3G radio (leaving on the 2G radio) when you lock your iPhone. This one will set you back $5.99, available in Cydia.
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    2010-09-01 02:08 AM
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    yay for nospot! finally!
    2010-09-01 02:12 AM
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    "Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."
    -Steve Jobs

    2010-09-01 02:23 AM
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    Good job!
    2010-09-01 02:34 AM
  5. brandonfisher_15's Avatar
    2010-09-01 02:34 AM
  6. nickhesson's Avatar
    Good job dude
    2010-09-01 02:38 AM
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    All great looking apps
    Name? whereswaldo
    iDevice + Firmware? 32GB Black iPhone 4 iOS 5.0
    Computer + OS? Dell Inspiron 15R 2nd Gen i5, 2.3 Ghz, 750GB HDD, 8GB RAM Windows 7 HP
    Location? Toronto
    Found yet? No
    2010-09-01 02:42 AM
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    Thank you for NoSpot! I never use spotlight but am constantly opening it. So annoying, until now! Going to go get it right now.
    2010-09-01 02:49 AM
  9. cefur's Avatar
    Suck that you have to pay for some
    2010-09-01 02:56 AM
  10. defdad's Avatar
    Suck that you have to pay for some
    It would be nice if everything in life was free, but most of these apps and tweaks are worth every penny. Considering the price of most computer software, these apps are dirt cheap.
    2010-09-01 03:10 AM
  11. bereninga's Avatar
    AMAZINGGGGG! I love Modmyi!

    p.s. I just bought the app too. I support the jailbreaking movement.
    2010-09-01 03:12 AM
  12. PWNsyst3m's Avatar
    +1 for no spot. Having that menu pop up constantly was very annoying. Especially since I never used it. I know where everything is on my phone. Lol
    2010-09-01 03:21 AM
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    Synchronicity...does it support wifi syncing? I have a pretty long sync process every night (often 15-45 minutes), and it'd be nice to just be able to start it and be able to use my phone as normal. Frankly I'd much rather have a 2 hour sync that doesn't restrict me than a 30 minute one that does.
    2010-09-01 03:48 AM
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    3G "Radio" - 2G "Radio" - is that just a strange way to say turn 3G completely off when phone is locked? What exactly is meant by "Radio"?

    2010-09-01 03:53 AM
  15. mr117's Avatar
    NoSpot is great, no more mistakenly accessing Spotlight. Never use it.

    Auto 3g seems to work well. I usually have about 70-75% left at the end of the day, I've got almost 90% right now. Pricey, but it works
    2010-09-01 04:00 AM
  16. SnowLeo's Avatar
    scheduled maintenance for 5 mins then back with like 5 new articles. How fo you do it MMi?

    I seriously think i will update just for Synchronicity

    Can anyone confirm if Synchronicity works with wifi sync if you run wifi sync in the background?? It would be so freakin awesome to be able to use my iphone while its wireless syncing.

    Tried auto3g but ended up hating it because that 1 or 2 seconds before it switches to 3g whenever I turn my phone on drove me nuts.

    Paid for CallTell- absolutely doesnt work. At all. 3gs 3.1.3.

    Trialed iCallAnnounce- Works great but I wony buy until I get my refund for CallTell. Theres your difference.

    Does nospot make your iphone run faster? Too bad I cant get it because I have 450 apps and constantly need to search for them.

    The grip skin for Notified Pro made me switch from Grip (growl notifications) to Notified Pro.

    I will immediately download disable multitasking as soon as I update.

    Saved the best for last- MULTIFL0W I lOVE YOU!! way faster than proswitcher with a graphical interface works amazing on the ipad and *almost* makes me want to not disable apples multitasking. lol.
    Hope my reviews help.

    Anyone out there to make an SBSettings theme for apples multitasking? If someone can I will love you forever.

    Where is my iOS 4 springjumps?

    Does overboard work on iOS 4?

    Where is nonbuggy-and-completely-slow-down-my-ipad version of PagePreview.

    God please make all iOS 4 iphone apps work on ipad iOS 4 and iOS 4.1.
    2010-09-01 04:14 AM
  17. arn00's Avatar
    Now if only there was an app that could let me fix the vibrate setting on my iPhone, I can barely feel the damn thing.
    2010-09-01 04:26 AM
  18. mortopher's Avatar
    Thank you for NoSpot! I never use spotlight but am constantly opening it. So annoying, until now! Going to go get it right now.
    I never used it at all until iOS 4 came out. Now that it includes the search Google and WIkipedia options I use it a lot. I did disable all of the search categories that it has enabled for the phone (contacts, emais, apps, etc.).
    2010-09-01 04:38 AM
  19. ronfin44's Avatar
    3G "Radio" - 2G "Radio" - is that just a strange way to say turn 3G completely off when phone is locked? What exactly is meant by "Radio"?


    Your phone use specific frequencies refered to as the "radio" of your device. For example, with say an HTC Tilt, I could change the Radio ROM only without having to change the entire ROM I already had. I'm trying to make this sound less complicated to understand, so just know that "3G, 2G" refer to what type of freq the phone is operating over, ie "radio". Every phone uses a radio freq to broadcast over:

    "Most phone networks across the world use a mix of four frequencies; 850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz and 1900 MHz.

    Access will be determined by the phone capability i.e. 3G, dual band, tri band or quad band.

    dual band phones can use 900 MHz and 1800 MHz frequencies and work in most European countries

    tri band phones are able to use 900 MHz, 1800 MHz and 1900 MHz and work on most European networks, as well as some networks in the USA, Canada, the Caribbean and South America

    quad band phones are able to connect to all four frequencies – 850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, and 1900 MHz

    3G handsets work in all countries where 2G roaming is currently available.

    In addition to GSM bandwidths 3G handsets also use W-CDMA 2100 (Wideband Code Division Multiple Access) to provide the 3G features, such as video telephony, increased data speeds etc. This appears to give the handset an extra 'bandwidth' but it does not change a tri band handset to quad band, dual band to tri band etc.

    An example of this is the Nokia 6630 handset, as it works on the GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900 bandwidths but also works on WCDMA 2100.
    Although it has four bands it is classed as a tri band handset in terms of roaming"
    Your an ignorant moron!
    2010-09-01 04:39 AM
  20. kukujiao's Avatar
    Nice!! Looking forward into it
    2010-09-01 04:40 AM
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