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    topless1967stang , dclpz1 and others with lack of knowledge :

    Seems you are totally unaware of where technology has reached prior Face Time and apple and seems
    ""you guys are the only “GOATS” among us where we can’t even have you as a background "" Thats qouted with some editing from what you wrote.

    • Nokia & others introduce video calling years back (Nokia N 95 or maybe before) Mobile network can handle such streaming. and FACE Time is only via wireless network , video calling can be done via 3G network
    • 3.5G network in UAE and neighbors can goes to broadband speed up to 21MB and handset are now at 7.2 MB and NOkia is 10 MB , new HTC will be 14MB. Apple Modem is 3.x MB ( if i recall correctlly)

    • Apple did not response formally why they’ve stopped FaceTime Option in the new update Firmware (4.1)

    And i reallly don't see why people connect Face Time to our religion and tradition which is not acceptable that you make fun of it. i'd prefere to discuss the issue "FaceTime" in a prof. way

    However,I think Apple they just start to think globally, their market was internally but they made a great device that’s why I own one though they lack some basic features.

    Note: if the iphone 4 is bought from UAE(Etisalate, Du) then updatethe frimware will take out the face time if device is from other place (e.g far east) update and it will still be there .

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    2010-10-03 09:21 PM
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    Has your friend updated since he bought it? That seems to be where the problem is. If they update away from the stock firmware it came with it takes it away. If they set their region to the US then it comes back.
    ..she just bought her iphone4 a few days ago when i called her..and she has no knowledge in changing the region AFAIK...

    ..btw..we're using firmware 4.1...
    2010-10-05 01:03 PM
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    Iphone is available since the 30th of last month in Bulgaria, but despite it has been advertised on TV with the famous FaceTime ad, it would not activate... I called the call center of the operator and their reply was that Apple has decided not to offer facetime for now... however I have a factory unlocked Ihone from Canada and wasn't able to activate even with MiTime ... suckers
    2010-10-05 01:48 PM
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    Here are a few things you can try, to get Facetime up and running, wherever you are:

    1) Go into Settings>General>Reset and hit Reset Network Settings.

    2) Go into Settings>General>Network and enable 3G (even if you don't have a 3G network), Cellular Data and Data Roaming.

    3) Turn on WiFi and connect to a WiFi network (check its working by trying to browse a website).

    4) Go into Settings>Phone> switch on FaceTime. It will take a few minutes to try and activate. If it works, it means you had a problem with your initial Network Settings. If it doesn't work, switch on FaceTime again, and while it is trying to activate, use SBSettings to reboot the phone. When your phone restarts, you will see that FaceTime is activated now. (This is a workaround, and sometimes doesn't work).

    5) I've noticed that some apps cause FaceTime to screw up - these include MobileLog, TrackMyPhone etc. If you're really concerned about getting FaceTime up and running, I would suggest removing some apps, preferably one by one, (games usually dont matter). Keep repeating the process after removing 2-3 apps at a time, and eventually you'll get FaceTime working with proper activation (i.e. when the toggle switch remains in the ON position, and there is a message underneath, which says "Your phone number will be shared with people you call with FaceTime".

    Some folks including me, have posted apps which crash FaceTime in the forums, you'll have to search through the threads and ascertain if your phone has any of those apps, which might be causing your FaceTime to stall.

    Hope that helps, and happy FaceTiming!
    2011-04-12 09:20 PM
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