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    greenpois0n has been released for all, the jailbreak from the Chronic Dev Team. Though at the moment there seems to be a bug where greenpois0n is not actually running the ramdisk on some systems, this should be worked out soon. That's not a harmful bug - it just means while the program will think you're jailbroken, you won't be. EDIT: Seems RC3 should be up shortly to fix the issue.

    We'll have a full guide up shortly, although it's pretty simple. We've got a full guide up here. At the moment it's Windows only, although they have a Mac button on the site - it just doesn't do anything right now.

    Reminder that this uses the exploit from Geohot, thus saving SHAtter for a later date. Major win for the entire community!

    Awesome job to all the devs involved!!!

    Initially, this will be a Windows-only release. This is due to some technical complications that we soon hope to correct. We apologize for any inconvenience.

    Thanks to geohot for the bootrom USB exploit. We have opted to use that instead of SHAtter for the sake of exploit presevation.

    This release of greenpois0n supports:
    - iPhone 4
    - iPhone 3G S
    - iPod touch (4th Generation)
    - iPod touch (3rd Generation)
    - iPad

    Soon there will be another release, adding things like support for:
    - Apple TV (2nd Generation)
    - iPod touch (2nd Generation)
    Chronic Dev Team Blog

    Edit Poseidon: This uses the exact same exploit as Limera1n so there is no reason to jailbreak again over your existing jailbreak or restore and re-jailbreak with GP.
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    2010-10-12 10:59 AM
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    Just like that, Geo is Geo...they promise 10.10.10...
    2010-10-12 01:54 PM
  3. unholy3000's Avatar
    Sweet also can you unlock on iphone 3gs im jailbroken on 4.0 with my shsh backed up
    2010-10-12 01:56 PM
  4. vantheman169's Avatar
    Just like that, Geo is Geo...they promise 10.10.10...
    wtf? where have you been?
    2010-10-12 01:57 PM
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    That is fair play from Dev.
    2010-10-12 02:06 PM
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    Sweet also can you unlock on iphone 3gs im jailbroken on 4.0 with my shsh backed up
    No unlock for 4.1. Do not upgrade to 4.1 if you need an unlock..wait for BB unlock update or pwnagetool release i believe this sunday it will be out.

    Via Twitter @MuscleNerd
    For AppleTV 2G users, the goal is for PwnageTool to cover you by Funday/Sunday (but still very limited app capability)
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    2010-10-12 02:07 PM
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    awesome news man!

    will this work on iPad 4.2 beta 2?

    edit: 7:10am ET even the windows button is not doing anything
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    2010-10-12 02:09 PM
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    It is currently unavailable due to compatibility problems. It doesn't work for a lot of people.
    2010-10-12 02:09 PM
  9. DALFE5's Avatar
    tried to download but got nothing. clicked on windows button. is it just me?
    2010-10-12 02:10 PM
  10. Voodoo1's Avatar
    Brilliant! Way to go Chronic-Devs!
    2010-10-12 02:10 PM
  11. PSI70Y's Avatar
    my iP4 said JB complete but get no Cydia on springboard
    2010-10-12 02:10 PM
  12. Deaf_Raiders's Avatar
    There is no link when you click on the windows icon it just states : greenpois0n.com
    2010-10-12 02:11 PM
  13. evolasme's Avatar
    nope,both the win and the mac buttons just link back to the main page.. ok yea the mac button i understand but not the Win button... im sure it was just an oversite to point that button to the file to dl...
    "Jane, get me off this crazy thing !!!!"
    2010-10-12 02:12 PM
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    Awesome, glad they eventually got it pushed out. I still feel kinda bad for them after GeoHotz stealing the spotlight, but it was by far the right move to save SHAtter. So well done @chronicdevteam! It's a pitty about the bug (not installing Cydia for some people), but hey, it's the initial release. Limera1n had 4 BETA's pushed out within minutes after the release lol.

    I may use Greenpois0n sometime this week, after the bugs have been ironed out. Although, I haven't had a single problem with limera1n (yet? lol), so there isn't much need for me to use Greenpois0n. If it had an option for custom boot logos, then I'd defo use it. I was excited about hearing that lmera1n/GP were bootrom exploits, I've never had a custom boot logo!

    Question time: I asked CDT and p0sixninja this on twitter, but they haven't replied yet. Do you guys know if I would have to do a clean restore/restore from backup to use GP if I already have limera1n? Or can I just run GP over it, without restoring, and will it replace limera1n? I'm guessing I'll have to restore, which is another reason pushing me away from using GP. I told myself that if I made it ra1n, I'd just get a nice theme and some tweaks to keep me going until GP was released. Now I'm sitting here with my iPhone 4 almost exactly the way I want it, I couldn't resist getting all my favourite apps/tweaks! I'll let the story pan out over this week and see what benefits GP has over limera1n. Thanks!

    iPad 2 16GB Wifi iOS 5.0.1 - Absinthe
    iPhone 4S 16GB iOS 5.0.1 - Absinthe
    2010-10-12 02:13 PM
  15. chberain's Avatar
    would this interfere with my3G app from cydia, cause since Updated my firmware and jb with Limera1n my3G for FaceTime ain't working anymore. Hope this get fix soon, that was the whole reason I wanted to jb.
    2010-10-12 02:13 PM
  16. d_animality's Avatar
    Why dont Apple just give it up already and released ios updates with Cydia pre-installed...LMFAO!!!
    2010-10-12 02:13 PM
  17. evolasme's Avatar
    read on the dev team site there is a little bug with the ram drive .. some systems it tells you your Jailbroken when your not.... fix coming soon
    "Jane, get me off this crazy thing !!!!"
    2010-10-12 02:14 PM
  18. vantheman169's Avatar
    They must have pulled it from their site because 99% of the people trying to JB was not working at all....
    2010-10-12 02:14 PM
  19. Deaf_Raiders's Avatar
    having look at the source code:

    <ul id="navlist"> 
                <div class="btn win_btn"> 
                <a href=""> 
                <img src="images/transparent.png" class="btn_t" /> 
    2010-10-12 02:15 PM
  20. madczech's Avatar
    jap windows button is down
    I don't give a damn about Chuck Norris, Spongebob can grill under water!

    2010-10-12 02:16 PM
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