1. TheSmartGuy's Avatar
    Woot, finally. Now I can upgrade my iPod Touch, and hopefully make it less slow.
    Don't be hatin'.
    2010-10-20 04:35 AM
  2. qgshadow's Avatar
    You are correct. However, the complaint is that MMI stated it would be released. Well when it wasn't they should have just posted a little quick blurp stating the release was pushed back. What most are asking is more than likely a little more news/update. MMI ofter boasts that they have the insite thru calls ect. With that said don't leave your readers hanging.

    Lastly stop trolling and telling people to shut up. As for free yes it is. But! Know who you are talking to will help with what you acuse. A lot of people on here donate.

    Again alls anyone here is wondering is what the deal is.

    Did The Dev Team ever said they would stop programming without Donations? Don't Think so.

    So don't use your generous act as an excuse to complain that you don't get your jailbreak fast enough.

    And anyways, you probably want the jailbreak superfast because you dont wanna pay anything for apps. You just wanna install **********.
    2010-10-20 04:21 PM
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