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    Vintage synths fans will be pleased to learn that Moog Music have released their first app, Filtatron. Itís a powerful real-time audio effects suite and studio tool for the iPhone and iPod touch. Many names come to mind when youíre talking about keyboards: Roland, Korg, Yamaha and others, but one name is always at the top of the list, Moog. Moog Music makes some of the most unique sounding analog synthesizes in the world and now they have finally come to the App Store.

    With so many music-making apps available today, you might be thinking whatís so special about Moog. This little $4.99 app gives people the power of a Moog synthesizer usually costing thousands of dollars in a more reasonable package. You can now fit big sound in a little pocket.

    The Filtatron website puts it like this:

    ďThe heart of the filtatron is the Moog Ladder Filter; digitally modeled to approximate the warmth and character of our famous analog hardware. Warp samples, live audio or the built in oscillator, then sweeten with overdrive and delay.Ē

    The Moog Filter Ladder is the main screen and itís the heart of the app. Here you can shape sounds with the onboard oscillator and alter samples to give them that classic warm Moog sound. You can even bring in your our audio samples that can then be looped, altered and saved. Audio cut and paste is available with compatible music app.

    Filtatron also includes a handy user guide with detailed information and a glossary of electronic music terminology. This is a nice touch for people wanting to know a little bit more about electronic music and technology.

    Moog has a history of making quality synthesizers and this app appears to hold up the tradition well. As iOS devices get more powerful, app developers will finally be able to produce music apps that can complete with the big boys. Moog has a fine history of giving people new and creative tools allowing them to make music never before possible. I hope this is just the beginning for Moog and the App Store.

    Source: Moog Music
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    Brilliant. I hope Jordan Rudess gets a hold of this one
    2010-10-24 09:14 AM
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    finally new post, ive being waiting for one since yesterday
    2010-10-24 11:02 AM
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    I'm deffinetly buying this one, no all I need is GarageBand mobile. Come on apple, Step it up
    2010-10-24 11:30 AM
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    Bragging rights: I've got a Big Briar Theremin, Minimoog, Voyager and Little Phatty...big love for the Moog sound! Hope the app lives up to standards and expectations.

    EDIT: It does! If you know the Moog controls, it does not disappoint.
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    This is pretty awesome. My college course has a lot about music technology, and last year we learnt about different synths. My tutor will love this app, I'm definitely forwarding this article to him! Thanks!
    2010-10-24 01:45 PM
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    yes it is awesome

    what we need now is an external audioprocessor (which connects via dock connector) for iPad/iphone with multiple ins/outs for better sound quality and to use the iPad as a DAW and the iPhone as an effects processor with Apps like the Filtatron

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhObO1RNHsQ]YouTube - Moog Filtatron on iPad Demo[/ame]

    (many more demos like this one from the first hours after release on youtube)
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    finally new post, ive being waiting for one since yesterday
    I think you need a hobby sir
    2010-10-24 05:58 PM
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    Brilliant. I hope Jordan Rudess gets a hold of this one
    Haha, YES!!!! That would be amazing!
    2010-10-24 06:31 PM
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    Wow! This is awesome!! Kinda makes me wish I didn't sell my Little Phatty. Defo grabbing this!!
    2010-10-24 08:07 PM
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    The guy who programmed the DSP for this Moog app designed a modular synthesizer app called Jasuto.
    I would recommend Jasuto pro for any tweakers out there.
    It's amazing that our iPhone is also a modular synth.
    truly surreal.
    And this Moog app is beautiful!!
    I picked it up immediately.
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    2010-10-24 08:20 PM
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    Sounds really cool. I always wanted to get into creating electronic music. I grew up with Bjork and Nine Inch Nails and Orbital, etc. I know they all have different sounds, but it's that electronic-sounding tunes that always hooked me.

    But then when I sit down to create music I always get pulled back into the visual arts, where I'm much more adept. I think it's because I can enjoy music while I do the visual-arts thing, but I can't enjoy visuals while I make music. My mind gets bored of looking at little nobs and numbers.
    2010-10-24 09:45 PM
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    The greatest keyboard player of all time played a Hammond C3 of course, Jon Lord ignored the Moog.
    I've bought the app and it's great, lots of knobs and all sorts of things I have no idea what to do with but I still like looking at it....
    He who asks a question looks foolish for 5 minutes. He who doesn't ask a question remains foolish forever.
    2010-10-24 10:23 PM
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    Had it for about a week already. Great app, but don't really use it anymore. Only when really bored.
    2010-10-25 12:35 AM
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    its alot of fun
    "I accidentally upgraded my firmware.....again..."
    2010-10-25 06:05 AM