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    Where does 11 hours come from? I don't know anyone who gets at much :P

    Anyways Flash is not going anywhere. It's easy to develop on and more people use it. And above all, everyone owns a PC and uses Flash. I mean honestly why is there this massive pull for HTML5? I honestly am not seeing how it's this amazing thing. How about rather than creating alternates, we all band together to improve the standard? Just me though.
    If you don't like flash, then don't use it I guess. :]
    Band together You obviously don't understand the concept by which adobe have made flash a monopoly in web content for 15 years +. Nobody can write the code for flash plugin but adobe. It is PROPRIETARY, CLOSED. Anyone can code html5 (anyone with a brain) because it is FREE and OPEN. Adobe are lazy turds who have had this goldmine and no competition for years. As the web has changed, updated and economised its standards over the years, flash has remained exactly the same, bloated, uneconomical and outdated, only the content has differed. This is what happens when one company has it all to itself. Html5 will replace flash video there is no doubting that. CSS3 and javascript can and will replace interactive content eventually. The web design world has tired of adobe and its lazy arrogant stance, now they will pay the ultimate price for being rolled gold pricks. Say goodbye to flash, it is just a plugin and an outdated and shitty one at best.
    2010-11-09 06:35 PM
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