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    It's continually amazing how much money people are willing to spend to destroy electronics, especially smartphones. If it's not somebody putting an iPhone in a blender it's somebody else getting a model to stomp on it. Well, the EZ Grill Company has taken the destruction to the next level, holding a competition to see which on three popular smartphones can hold up the longest to a barbecue flame.

    The EZ Grillers took a $599 Android G2, a $499 HTC Surround running Windows Phone 7, and an iPhone 4 they say cost $731 (a 32GB model? really?) and put them all on their portable, disposable grill. The video was produced by Banyan Branch, a "social media" advertising agency that is helping them market their product by coming up with something they hope will go viral. They've also got a promotion where if you send a picture of you and your friends using disposable EZ Grills, they'll send you as many as three replacements. It's all about using social media like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to sell products, and it's probably a good strategy for companies with a small budget.

    As far as the "competition" went, T-Mobile's G2 Android phone by HTC was the first to go, black-screening 45 seconds into the video. The iPhone 4 showed a warning as soon as the internal sensor registered the 35C cutoff temperature, so we're not sure if the phone was dead yet "or only resting." The HTC Surround lasted the longest, with its Windows Phone alarm ringing until it too went dead. The video ends colorfully (and toxically) with the phones' batteries exploding.

    So, did they get their money's worth?

    Source: Cult of Mac
    2010-11-14 12:38 AM
  2. Patato22's Avatar
    Sooooo ?
    2010-11-14 12:46 AM
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    Laughed 1:04 funny stuff
    2010-11-14 12:46 AM
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    Yo I wanna see them try this with an iPad, galaxy tab and other tablets.

    2010-11-14 12:48 AM
  5. iPhone3G[S]'s Avatar
    that's not even heat on each one, and that's not a grill..

    fail "test"...
    2010-11-14 12:56 AM
  6. Be Expressive's Avatar
    "We don't need bullets, We need Pie's"
    2010-11-14 01:05 AM
  7. Vandale's Avatar
    G2- Fastest HTC Surround- Slowest iPhone 4- iPhone 4. I laughed so hard when it said iPhone 4....
    2010-11-14 01:06 AM
  8. iphone?3gs's Avatar
    I love this..... Theve been grillin some apples and froyos.... too bad no berries

    EDIT- I know im so punny!
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    Username is 3GS, but theres stuff past that:

    iPhone 4
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    2010-11-14 01:07 AM
  9. xerray's Avatar
    The windows phone was in the middle which had the least heat, just stating an observation.
    It Takes One To Know One
    2010-11-14 01:19 AM
  10. zoso10's Avatar
    He seriously just burned over $2000...
    2010-11-14 01:20 AM
  11. awesomeSlayer's Avatar
    That's insane and the most stupidest thing to do!
    Asking for help is different from being stupid. Fanboys can rot in @#$%!
    2010-11-14 01:22 AM
  12. vantheman169's Avatar
    i would like to have that iphone 4, and sell the other 2 smartphones on ebay, haha
    2010-11-14 01:42 AM
  13. azxken's Avatar
    Wow! I'm going to buy a window 7 phone now (since Im going to visit Africa)
    2010-11-14 02:06 AM
  14. jeffhuys's Avatar
    Wow! I'm going to buy a window 7 phone now (since Im going to visit Africa)
    Yeah, because Africa is as hot as fire.
    Seriously, I've been there, and it is 40 degrees Celsius max. (104 Fahrenheit)
    iPhone ftw. At least it gave you a warning!
    2010-11-14 02:09 AM
  15. wirehedd's Avatar
    that was just rucking fetarded.
    2010-11-14 02:21 AM
  16. Dragonx151's Avatar
    "it has the wifis" lmao I love that!
    2010-11-14 02:31 AM
  17. Zokunei's Avatar
    that's not even heat on each one, and that's not a grill..

    fail "test"...
    You do realize it was just a company trying something different for viewership of their ads, right? And as a result of them burning smartphones, forums across the interwebz told us about it. Fail test. Success ad campaign. Should have realized it wasn't all too serious after the "long name" and "it's the iPhone 4. It has the WiFis" intro.
    2010-11-14 02:53 AM
  18. Li-ion's Avatar
    I was crying for that Surround. Did want.
    2010-11-14 03:00 AM
  19. deruk's Avatar
    I agree... it is sad to see the money spent on this so some group of the american dreamers can try to fulfill the hopes of becoming the Corporation's next class... all in the name of materialistic. People need to realize america is the not the earth, there are plenty pressing issue that this money could have been given to one of the many charities trying to get not which one of there machetes melt fast, but which instead could help prevent a 12 year old kid getting his armed chopped off based off diamonds, or more usually crimes against on humanity happen everywhere, and we are creating our own enemy... I love technology, I use it, I am a musician... I help out people in need... even when I cannot really afford... but to waste money that could have went to more productive means. I am scared by what impresses this generation, i feel stuck in the middle of the old and new (I just turned 30)... I was in grade school when Apple Computers where introduced and have been a die hard user since day one... it changed my life, but I kept my morals, and i am an atheist, so it has nothing to do with religion... but on the subject, people pouring cash into new buildings, one after another, I am sorry but i do not think your Jesus would be so happy about the but fame and the desire to become more than you need... do something productive like not hire camels, have laser light shows, buy the nicest recording interface (Pro tools, FROM ME I MIGHT ADD when i worked retail for a giant music supplier) I am just saying people, wake up, this is not cool... the world is in dire shape, lets attempt to change our mindsets, there are people suffering, and one day if corporate america becomes government, you could be the one on the chopping block as you are morman, scientologist (cough), catholic or atheists' because there's a very real chance one day, these people will be running the country and you are more concerned about that some jerk off melting phones, we all need to take a step back and look at where 2 generations away are gonna be, I have a 4 year child and I have done my fair hare of things i shouldn't have in my teenage years.. but the word was different then... people, please, all i am asking you consider maybe caring about others, and the religious, your the worst offenders (not everyone, but a lot are voting tea party).... it is all about every man for himself...Your Jesus would not be a CEO of anything ceot helping. I disagree with all religions, using christians in this reference because we are often called a christian nation which makes me so mad for the muslim, morman, and atheists alike who do not believe... we are a time we need to treat people as people instead of becoming rich and support hate crime groups... t... just my two cents. I do not mean to step o anyone beliefs, just asking everyone who thinks this is great to reconsider how they should feel about it.... earth is our home, and we need to address the problems facing us, I love america... but, we all need to wake up and insist on another party.... ok enough said. I respect peoples beliefs and will happy engage in conversation with a man of any faith, I am respectful and feel I am a good person, and I know a lot about space... for people unsure about their religion... I urge you read"the God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins it is very respectful towards the faithful and is actually written with your feelings in mind.
    2010-11-14 03:01 AM
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    Gosh, he might of been more of a Blackberry guy, but that was over the top
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    2010-11-14 03:47 AM
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