1. smuggler's Avatar
    This SSD thing (once a technology only utilized by video cameras mainly) is starting to get excitingly fast, I'd take the lesser of the three and just use that as my boot drive, and store everything else on an old fashioned moving part hard drive
    Computers in the future may weigh no more than 1.5 tons.
    - Popular Mechanics, 1949
    2011-01-14 06:42 AM
  2. Mrteacup's Avatar
    Anyone who is willing to spend almost $2000 just on a hard drive, would buy something a lot better than a MacBook Air
    Lol agreed
    2011-01-14 06:43 AM
  3. Darrius777's Avatar
    I'll wait for the price of ssd to come down. In the mean time I'll snatch up a 128 MBA off craigslist.
    2011-01-14 08:08 AM
  4. EskimoRuler's Avatar
    That's is a premium price! If you can deal with a computer thats a little thicker than using that money for a MacBook pro would be the way to go. But that wouldn't be why you have an air.
    You don't like the iPad because you don't have one!
    2011-01-14 08:24 AM
  5. StealthBravo's Avatar
    Meh it's only money
    2011-01-14 08:39 AM
  6. shadow-evillink's Avatar
    Man u could buy external 1tb for less than 100$!! WTF. That is just a waste of $$$. Whats funny is some dumbas is gonna buy it too. That my 2 cents!
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    2011-01-14 09:30 AM
  7. EddieLeonard's Avatar
    give it a few months i bet the 360 version will be about 600 - 800
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    2011-01-14 01:07 PM
  8. CaptainChaos's Avatar
    The equivalent in the PC world to the Mac. It sure looks pretty until you have to pay for it.
    2011-01-14 01:11 PM
  9. slickric's Avatar
    awesome that someone is making these available again but $1200 is just taking the piss
    2011-01-14 01:25 PM
  10. Mobiman's Avatar
    We will have to wait for a serious price drop
    2011-01-14 04:40 PM
  11. xToMToM96's Avatar
    Whats better than a MacBook Air?
    MacBook Pro

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    2011-01-14 10:58 PM
  12. psilocybin's Avatar
    i totally disagree with macbook pro being better than macbook air.
    what makes it better? a macbook air can boot in 10 seconds, battery life is far better than mbp, and is extremely easier to carry around. there is no "better", it also depends on your life style and what your using it for
    2011-01-14 11:49 PM
  13. feidhlim1986's Avatar
    I plan on replacing my MacBook Pro's Superdrive with an SSD, even just a 40GB or 60GB to have OS X and my most used Apps on it and keep my photo's, movies and music on the standard HDD.
    2011-01-15 02:45 AM
  14. macala.vdr's Avatar
    I agree with psilocybin, as far as I know there isn't any better laptop exist up until this day. I am waiting for upcoming MacBook Pro and hoping it would have flash storage just like MacBook Air. SSD is slower than some hard drive but flash storage is much faster and more reliable.
    2011-01-15 08:46 AM
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