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  1. NessLookAlike's Avatar
    Well, let's all just hope that some clever modders find a way to swap the iPhone 4's very nice (5MP?) camera for the iPad's 1MP and go back to our lives.

    Also, of course the iPhone 5 is going to have 1GB of RAM, its the company's flagship device, and they've been doubling iPhone RAM almost every generation. It is a shame that Apple won't do the same for the iPad, but that would wreck their highly profitable business model of incremental small upgrades. We'll be seeing the Retina screen and 1GB of RAM in the iPad 3 and it'll be revolutionary all over again, we just have to wait.
    2011-01-31 09:39 PM
  2. ripped53's Avatar
    A 1MP rear camera is fine for augmented reality, but isn't worth much for business purposes, not unless it has some type of macro enhancement or focus feature or something. (Yes I actually use the ipad for business) In a world full of paper and clutter the need to take a snapshot or scan to pdf, has been a gift from above. It allows scanning in documents emailing them to a client or uploading to Google Docs or drop box, or making markups and then sending it out. But the ipt4 camera has horrible resolution that creats barely legible documents. It would be so covenient not to have to take the pic with the iphone and then transfer to the ipad, but Apple has very rarely focused on practicality and consumer benefit. More often its all about profit margins and leaving us craving the next update, which of course most of us will be jumping up and down to purchse.

    Dang I wish I hadn't spent so much money in the App store. Apple has me by the jewels for life..haha
    2011-01-31 09:51 PM
  3. wolverinemarky's Avatar
    nice i also would have preferred 1gb of ram but 512mb is a good speed bump
    2011-01-31 09:58 PM
  4. McMichael96's Avatar
    Oh that sucks... No 5MP camera on the back?... Not like I was going to be taking pictures everywhere I go but still. As long as it records in 720p. It would be nice if it recorded 1024x1024 resolution.
    2011-01-31 10:00 PM
  5. Evilsaint's Avatar
    No point getting worked up over a rumour improved display was a
    Factor in my motivation to purchase a new iPad specially with the NGP coming out
    2011-01-31 10:03 PM
  6. Dazz187s's Avatar
    Already sold my iPad, have enough for the iPad 2, love the ability to upgrade
    Nothing in life is easy.
    2011-01-31 10:10 PM
  7. cpkirkley's Avatar
    You've got to be kidding! Only 0.5 GB of RAM these days? I expected at least 1 GB, preferrably 2... Another RAM-starved idevice???
    Its not a laptop, don't make the mistake of treating it like one.

    512 is more than enough for what its INTENDED uses are.
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    2011-01-31 11:24 PM
  8. MetallicaFan1991's Avatar
    The new psp2 is called the NGP, or next generation portable. Or do you mean the playstaion phone?

    (yeah, thats right, there making 2 different things in one year)
    NGP is just a code name and Kaz Hirai said PSP2 when he denied rumours that it ran Android.
    That NGP is a power house. It's quad core gpu and cpu which is why i chose it over an iPad 2, more power and there's nothing that iPad can do that my iPhone 4 or Galaxy S can't.
    2011-02-01 12:25 AM
  9. iBwizzle's Avatar
    Notion Ink > iPad 2
    2011-02-01 02:05 AM
  10. CaptainChaos's Avatar
    This will be great for multitasking. However, the new chip will be a set back for jailbreaking.
    2011-02-01 02:19 AM
  11. StealthBravo's Avatar
    Plugged holes
    2011-02-01 02:31 AM
  12. milkycloud's Avatar
    I doubt this dual core claim... Wouldn't it kill the battery? Thats aginst the Apple ritual.
    2011-02-01 03:35 AM
  13. hookedonkronix's Avatar
    I doubt current iPad owners will upgrade, especially with the crappy screen rez. I'm sure as he'll won't. Ever since I got the i4 and ipt4g, I couldnt stand looking at the screen on my iPad.
    2011-02-01 06:13 AM
  14. CaptainChaos's Avatar
    Because vulnerabilities in the current chip allow for jailbreaking. The new chip will be a brand new ballgame.
    2011-02-01 06:26 AM
  15. Amishasdf's Avatar

    The latest report about the iPad 2 out of the East Asia supply chain claims that the upgraded device will come with a dual-core CPU running at 1.2 GHz. Concord Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims that his supplier checks indicate a significant speed bump for the new iPad, with double the RAM, faster memory bus speeds and a powerful dual-core GPU. Display resolution is said to be the same, but the screen will be thinner and come with a new anti-reflective coating.

    Ming-Chi Kuo is perhaps best known in the community in his former role as a research analyst for the Taiwanese electronics newspaper/gossip magazine DigiTimes. Though that publication has had a hit and miss reputation, Kuo's predictions last May about the iPhone 4 were eventually proven 100% correct. Kuo says that in addition to the dual-core Cortex-A9 1.2 GHz processor on its updated system-on-a-chip (more and more often referred to as the A5), the second-generation tablet will also have a dual-core PowerVR SGX543 GPU providing up to 300% faster renders than the iPhone 4's GPU. There will be twice as much RAM (512 MB versus 256 MB on the first generation model) and the SoC will have a memory bus running at 1066 MHz as compared to 800 MHz on the iPad 1 and iPhone 4.

    In line with other reports, the iPad 2 will still have a 9.7-inch touchscreen with 1024 x 768 pixel resolution, though the display is said to be thinner than that on the first iPad and will have an anti-reflection coating that will allow for a better reading experience in direct sunlight (looks like someone at Apple's been watching Amazon's Kindle ads). In a somewhat disappointing note, the new iPad will use the same 1 megapixel rear-facing camera as the iPod touch, rather than the HD camera from the iPhone 4. This, Kuo says, is because the camera is intended to be used for augmented reality applications. The tablet will, however, have the 0.3 megapixel VGA front camera from the iPhone 4.

    Kuo also claims that iPad 2 production started this month at Foxconn, which will be its sole supplier. Total production of 4.5 to 5 million units is expected this quarter following the official launch of the new iPad, which "will likely go to market in late 1Q'11 or early 2Q'11." The Taiwanese fiscal year runs from January to December, so this would put the release date close to the one-year anniversary on the iPad on April 3.

    Source: AppleInsider
    If the iPad doesn't have an upgraded display I'll probably go for the iPhone 5 instead.
    2011-02-01 09:26 AM
  16. Dazz187s's Avatar
    Like the biggest issue with the ipad 1 is the weight, hurt my wrists. Like this thinner one
    Nothing in life is easy.
    2011-02-02 01:17 AM
  17. PokeDot517's Avatar
    Wow this is really gonna step up to the blackberry playbook
    2011-02-02 07:54 AM
  18. EskimoRuler's Avatar
    1MP is all it takes for HD. 720x1280 = 921,600 < 1,000,000 (1MP)

    512MB of RAM is kind of disappointing. That'll be enough to provide a huge improvement over the current iPad, but 1GB will make the experience buttery smooth.
    That's what I was thinking. I thought that it would already have 512 already, i am always having apps crash on me and my memory around 10mb.

    But I still getting the new one for sure
    2011-02-02 06:57 PM
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