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    I've been using Windows 7 since 2008 and I have never has it crash on me, my computer has only rarely had any hardware problems. In my experience Mac's are just as buggy as PC's and there programes crash just as often. Try using the two lastest versions of each machine and software side by side and you will not notice much difference. I'm not a Apple or Microsoft Fanboy, I hate ever operating system.
    Windows 7 came out late 2009
    Ps: windows sucks
    2011-02-12 04:19 PM
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    I was about to say that...... lol
    2011-02-12 04:20 PM
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    Your story is anecdotal...LOL

    Brand? Model? Timeline? and in the end could be a lemon since millions are produced. Plus you did not use Windows 7 that has made a big difference even the playing field.

    Not all brands of PC are equal

    I have had Dell's for a long time and all Have performed very strong.

    Both My son's have Dell and swear by them.

    My Son is using his Dell that is three years old, he uses it 10 hours a day and its strong still, he has worn it out and the Tech is old. He's looking at a new one for the newer technology.

    Still its not proof enough

    My sister in law has a Mac, I hate it! and I have a lot of comments about the OS I will not post on a Mac Fan site! I have been programing and beta testing OS's since 1981 so I think I know thing or two about OS's, Was surprised I did not like OSX.

    Since Macs and PC's share the same tech you cannot say that what you buy today will out last a PC in Technology.......It just shows you have no idea what you are talking about.

    Macs break down, get returned and WOW get old.

    I'm so glad your happy, But I do not know anyone else who owns a Mac,
    Everyone I know owns a PC.

    Doesn't mean they are not good laptops

    If I had a crappy Mac book would not mean Mac's are crap, they are Technology and main difference between a Mac Air and a PC laptop is:

    1. OS
    2. Manufacturing
    3. Marketing

    1. Windows 7 is the OS M$ should of come out with instead of Vista, its a killer for sure, best they have ever developed.

    2. This is the problem with PC's too many and some produce pure crap I agree. Apple does use top quality materials and methods, when the PC manufacturers do this the prices are similar to Apple's

    3. Apple is good at hype, more then others.

    Problems with Mac
    1. Battery built in
    2. Video card has been weak
    3. Processor choice
    4. Serious Gammers do not buy Macs (I'm not a gammer)

    Bottom Line.......

    I picked a PC because:
    I'm comfortable with it personally
    I can afford it
    I can change the battery
    I can resell it fast then buy a new one
    The software for OS has more choices overall

    So this is a personal choice I think but for some its economics as well, they can't afford a Mac and want different choices.

    Both are good in my book. (Yeah I wrote a book I think too LOL)

    (BTW I'm typing this on a Dell 11Z I bought brand new, ULV 64 bit processor, 2gb ram, 11.6" WXGA LED-backlit display at 1366x768, 250gb HD, intel Video, Full windows 7 3hour battery and 3lbs 1 inch thick for $250 new. Hard to beat that price and yes Mac Air is better but I saved $750 and I can type papers and surf the net just as well...........does the job.)
    the laptop was an acer aspire 5 something
    2011-02-12 04:36 PM
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    Who is this 'gateway' that you speak of? Baahahahahaaa
    LOL. I actually saw one at my local Best Buy the other day, first time I've seen one in at least year so I figured I'd throw them on the list!

    Only under certain conditions
    Certain conditions? Not hardly. Those aren't scientifically controlled lab tests. I suggest you hit up AnandTech.com and check out his battery life tests on MacBooks. He's a pretty smart and well respected member of the tech community. If I just cruise the web, listen to a little music, and do light Photoshop work it easily lasts that long. I've watched Avatar and Inglorious Basterds at full volume and full brightness back to back and still had a third of the battery left. I've not seen another PC laptop that had a screen that was as bright and speakers as loud that would last through Avatar all the way. Yeah, some might, but can they do it with a battery that isn't the size of a soda can stuck in the bottom? That's on the internal battery that's thinner than an inch.

    Anecdotal. I can play steam games like Rome Total war on my Dell 11z but the game is 6 years old.
    That's true, not going to argue that it's the absolute truth because that is my experience and not fact. Just saying that I can game on it because even though the graphics cards are pretty weak, I can boot into another OS and play games with great graphics. Something a Dell 11z can't do (though in this case it isn't a ding against it gaming wise).

    At times you have to run OSX with Windows 7 so you can use some Windows only software
    That's a 30 second reboot away. Your point? That doesn't bother me in the slightest and gives the me the option to use both OSes for their strengths. Seems to me that would be a very good thing, not a bad one. I game in Windows because OS X doesn't have as good graphics drivers, which sucks, but everything I own is easily playable but I'd rather have that extra framerate.

    LOL yeah.... Google:
    with headlines like:
    And a quick 'Dell customer service problems' search nets you 4.24 million results. So what? Everyone has problems but if you think Dell has better customer support via telephone, (Dell has no retail outlet to walk into which is another inferior checkmark) you've never dealt with Apple. There's a reason Apple outscores all other PC manufacturers in support surveys. That's fact. Since you know how to use Google, look it up.

    Of course many many more. Many complain about Dell service yet I think they are one of the best, they always treat me right!
    Anecdotal. Don't throw throw stones.

    So it's a matter of experience. Yeah hard to agree since I know you have not compared to every other computer?
    A ten minute stroll around Best Buy is all I need. Care to explain why laptop manufacturers are now using dual finger scroll on their offerings? Must be because their implementation was crap? Yes crap. The dedicated strip on the right to scroll down a page isn't as good as a two finger scroll because it wasn't recognized very well across many laptops. The only laptops that come close to the trackpad on a MacBook are ThinkPads.

    LOL of course my Dell Studio 15 is a year old and its battery lasts over 3 hours windows 7 Ultimate.
    Great. Happy for you. I wish the 4 prior laptops I've owned had batteries that lasted that long. My MacBook Pro lasts that long in Windows 7 HP. It lasts just under two hours playing StarCraft 2 at native res and medium settings from cold boot to dead battery shutdown. Not an easy task. I'd be willing to bet your Dell couldn't do that, could be wrong though.

    Oh and its under 7LBs as well
    And I would bet a hundred bucks yours isn't as sturdy being majority plastic, isn't as quiet, doesn't boot another OS, doesn't have as great customer service attached to it (in fact I know it doesn't), the screen isn't as good, nor is the battery life half of mine when doing the same tasks. I haven't seen the need for what I do to justify upgrading to an i5 or i7 processor though I would very much like one simply because it's a newer architecture and faster. Mine is two years old, it would stand to reason a newer generation laptop would have improved parts.

    Glad your happy with the Mac, its sleek and cool but what you post is pure opinion
    You do too. Don't throw stones. And it's quite obvious you've never used a Mac or don't have an objective bone in your body, because there are a thousand reason the Mac is a great platform and they aren't because it's 'sleek and cool'.

    I can benchmark superior Laptops everyday and twice on Sunday.
    I can show laptops with better specs minus one, the weight, Mac Air is one of the lightest. But being light has nothing to do with performance.
    Light has nothing to do with performance? So my laptop that is two inches larger than yours, has a bigger internal battery that easily replaceable, and the lightest XPS 15 inch (since the inspiron isn't available online apparently) is only .4 pounds lighter than my two year old 17 inch laptop and the Dell has worse 'maximum' battery life than mine does. AnandTech has had many articles where MacBook exceed their quoted figures on battery life and no one can come close to beating them. The XPS 15 is thicker than mine at it's thinnest point as well. What do you think will happen to the weight and thickness once you put in the nine cell battery that Dell offers to get 'up to' 9 hours of battery life? It's better than mine in raw hardware, but being newer by two years you'd expect it to be.

    Oh need a new battery and more Ram on that Mac book? So do you send it in and spend over half the cost of the computer for an upgrade or do you just have to pony up with $1000 or more for a new one?
    Costs me under $200 for both new and I can do it myself ( priceless).

    The only thing priceless is your ignorance. If you can't find a deal for those components doesn't mean no one can, and because you can't use basic hand tools doesn't mean no one else can. I can replace both of those components myself and as a matter of fact I just bought 4 gigs of RAM for my MacBook Pro and it cost me $54. Now I have six gigs (and if I want I can have eight for $50 more), and a replacement battery that is vastly better than any other I've ever bought costs 150 bucks from ifixit.com. Total? $200. Almost exactly what you paid and I have more battery life than you, AND I could upgrade further and just go over your $200 price point without once speaking to any Apple rep, requiring that they replace those things for me, or buying a new computer. A 9 cell battery for an XPS 15, (since I cant find exactly what 15 inch Dell you have and I'm going with the best I can find on the website), is $180. And it sticks out. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

    EDIT: Math error and clean up.
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    2011-02-12 05:24 PM
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    ^And nothing that you did will void your warrantee, if you still had one. I recently up'd my MBP to 8gb RAM for $110. OWC is where its at. And why don't the new macbooks have user replaceable batteries? That''s part of how they make them so thin. It's not like you'd really need to replace it in the 5 year life time it gets anyway. Can you say that about your Windows machine?
    2011-02-12 05:41 PM
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    ^And nothing that you did will void your warrantee, if you still had one. I recently up'd my MBP to 8gb RAM for $110. OWC is where its at. And why don't the new macbooks have user replaceable batteries? That''s part of how they make them so thin. It's not like you'd really need to replace it in the 5 year life time it gets anyway. Can you say that about your Windows machine?
    My MPB is still under warranty. Got my RAM off Amazon, Crucial brand too so I know it's good stuff. Think the sale is over though. The only thing they could not support (failure wise) is the battery if I replaced it, but even then with a new one costing $150 why not just go that route again? I've taken out my optical drive in favor of a new 1TB hard drive but that's easily reversed too. I agree though, a battery should be user replaceable. It's too easy to change not to be.
    HK-Z on Game Center
    2011-02-12 05:47 PM
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    Oh, just to let you know, the rest of those comments about windows were directed at DRFP, not you.
    2011-02-12 05:50 PM
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    Oh, just to let you know, the rest of those comments about windows were directed at DRFP, not you.
    Yeah I figured that one out. 'Tis cool!
    HK-Z on Game Center
    2011-02-12 05:52 PM
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    I just re-read it and thought that it sounded like I was talking to you.
    2011-02-12 05:53 PM
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    Windows 7 came out late 2009
    Ps: windows sucks
    To be fair the Windows 7 beta was out in 2008. I was using it too. And by out I mean leaked. So technically he was right, and windows doesn't suck.
    HK-Z on Game Center
    2011-02-12 05:53 PM
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    I would love to see SSD for the MacBook Pro.

    OMG! Flame Wars and fanboyism?! *starts singing "We Didn't Start the Flame War"*
    Asking for help is different from being stupid. Fanboys can rot in @#$%!
    2011-02-12 05:59 PM
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    I find it funny how these other computer manufactures come out with their "ultra thin 7 hour batteries" A year or two after apple had them in notebooks. Just to let you know, the macbook battery will hold 80% of its charge for 5 years of usage. No having to replace it after 1-2 years.
    2011-02-12 06:00 PM
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    Here we go blinded by the Light of Apple............
    Says the person that keeps believing I have a MacBook Air despite the fact that I've written 'MPB' "MacBook Pro' and '17 inch MPB' all throughout my posts. Your arguments are based on your lack of reading comprehension. Reading and comprehension are fundamental parts of debate. Go learn those two things and maybe I'll reply because I like healthy debate.

    Uncalled for this is against TOS
    You're right. I apologize. I should have said 'the only thing priceless is your lack of reading comprehension'.

    I shall go back and correct myself if you want. /sarcasm
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    2011-02-12 06:01 PM
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    You can defend apple without having one right? I have many times.

    I do not Have an Apple Mac yet prepared to argue the good things about a Mac.

    the problem I have is when I read something that is just not true.

    Apple makes good products and that is true but Apple also has some issues that tick me off, like the non user replaceable battery on all their products.
    The limited specs on the Mac Air

    and other issues

    PC's are far from perfect yet to say there are "No good PC's" ticks me off, its not true.

    I answered all your points
    Since when is the MBA the only mac that apple makes? Just because he doesn't have an Air, doesn't mean he doesn't have another macbook. Like the 2008 macbook pro he said he had. duh. please read.

    Do you know why the MBA has "limited specs"? Because if you did your research, you would know that intel sued nvidia to prevent them from making integrated graphics chips for their i3, i5, i7 line. The integrated graphics that intel provides are horrible, and only good for stuff like reading email. That is why they put an older processor in it so they could use a card that is 3-4 times better than intel's, which then provided better all round performance. The SSD also makes it run at maximum speed.
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    2011-02-12 06:09 PM
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    And Apple had them while everyone else had 2-3 hour batteries.
    2011-02-12 06:14 PM
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    Who cares?! Just get something you will be happy with!! FFFFing fanboys and flames wars!
    Asking for help is different from being stupid. Fanboys can rot in @#$%!
    2011-02-12 06:16 PM
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    You can defend apple without having one right?
    I do have one. I have an early 2009 17 inch MacBook Proand I've said so in every reply to what you've posted. You missed it completely. I didn't say there were no good PC laptops. There are great ones out there. Just none that I see are comparable across the board in the 17 inch notebook class my MacBook Pro is in. You've stated many rebuttals that were incorrect to the content of my posts simply because you didn't see or didn't understand that I wasn't talking about a MacBook Air. Which I've not said I had even one time.
    HK-Z on Game Center
    2011-02-12 06:17 PM
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    Awesome, you know me. I'm no fanboy. I just can't stand people making ignorant comments about things they obviously don't know about. I love it when other companies come out with better products.
    2011-02-12 06:18 PM
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    Yeah, but its really hard to use graphics chips that don't exist. Read: Intel sues NVIDIA over chipset license agreement
    2011-02-12 06:19 PM
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    Who cares?! Just get something you will be happy with!! FFFFing fanboys and flames wars!
    This is more a massive oversight/misunderstanding than a 'flamewar'. But it's fun debate. Moon#Pie brings up good points in his reply about the MacBook Air being crippled due to licensing issues between nVidia and Intel. That's a relevant discussion topic about the subject at hand.
    HK-Z on Game Center
    2011-02-12 06:19 PM
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