1. blwallace5's Avatar
    I am looking at that HTC inspire or aria, I may be done with the iPhone 4. Tired of having to jailbreak and apple always behind
    LOL prepare yourself for dissapointment. Roommate got an Aria today, what a piece of ****. He is now trying to buy my 3gs off of me.
    2011-02-24 10:43 AM
  2. Lombardo Joe's Avatar
    With the new crises with Oil the economy is about to take a major dump.. on us all so Apple may have less sales then they expect..............
    China, dude. China.

    EDIT: Although, you're right. Sales would still be affected in that scenario.
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    2011-02-25 04:25 AM
  3. chughesphs's Avatar
    i'll wait for the iphone shuffle. No screen, one button, who will you call next??

    "hey mom...it's me...again. This random algorithm isn't very random..."

    on another note: All you people whining about these rumour posts, simply don't read 'em. It's the prerogative of the writers on this site to write what *they* wish to write about, which may not always be what *you* wish to read about. Or at the very least, if you feel you are being forced to read every article at gunpoint, you are surely not being forced to also write a whiny comment?
    2011-03-14 08:00 AM
  4. chughesphs's Avatar
    If there is no real hardcore evidence how can it be presented to anyone? I much prefer hearing at least something to get my hopes up or down and create some type of entertainment.
    2011-03-14 08:02 AM
  5. mj0528's Avatar
    I went from an iphone 4 to the inspire on the day it came out. I can say for sure now, it was a great decision. The battery was horrible at first but after a root and a new radio firmware flash, it then took away my only complaint. The screen is better on the iphone but thats the only thing. I can overclock to 1.8 and really fly at the drop of the hat. Ill be interested to see the i5 though
    2011-03-14 04:41 PM
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