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    Who ever wrote this story really should give up!! Apple control what the iPhone can and can't do! Apple saw no need for mms or many other normal features and only add them when they steal the idea from the people that make it work for jailbreakers!
    Well when we didn't have mms I once asked an apple representative "Yo WTF why no mms?". The guy said it's not our fault Att won't allow us to enable that function they said their networks weren't ready for it"

    And guess what as soon as the mms was enable the network was dealing with a lot of traffic and crashes Att was ready to handle the iPhone massive traffic....
    2011-02-21 08:46 AM
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    Again, you may think you are "sticking it to the man", but you are just sticking it to yourself in the end. The grandfathered plan won't last forever, nor will ATT's willingness to look the other way.
    No one is sticking it to themselves in the end. No matter what we do, how we do it or when we do it, the grandfathered plan will eventually go. What we do in the present will not effect it. If everyone in the US stopped using tethering it will still be the same end. So Letting him download 133gigs will not stick it to himself. I say stick it to AT&T while you can because AT&T will eventually Stick it to you anyway. We'll all move on to LTE system AT&T will bring us anyway.
    2011-02-21 03:50 PM
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    You know, I saw a pretty big car accident once on the 101 freeway and blogged about it. I was pretty pissed to hear that more people knew about it from the NEWS COVERAGE than through my blog.
    lmfao! classic.

    Well yes AT&T hates me, Recieved 133gigs sent 3.4gigs, and all of that is just from Netflix on 3G over the course of about 3 months, I have the unlimited plan haha AT&T
    this is MUCH different than what I was referring to. I'm not the a-hole crippling the network streaming netflix through mywi. I just use mywi for doing my homework/email/facebook(very little data usage compared to netflix), etc. but no youtube/other video streaming when i'm not around a wifi hotspot. i probably go through 11gigs or so per month which i think is reasonable. but 133gigs? you're just ruining it for the rest of us and it is that kind of obscene usage that will get us all screwed over it. i hope at&t throttles your kpbs down to 1 and you suffer miserably from it.

    Technically speaking...we have "unlimited" data even though the contract may or may not say "5gigs max". Plus this thing about the contract saying you can't tether wouldn't really hold up in court if they tried to can your connection over it because you could theoretically use "unlimited" amounts of data on your actual phone but you're still using the 3G connection with "unlimited" data that you paid for. You can't call something "unlimited" and then limit it and since my monthly bill says "unlimited" data plan on it then I would definitely have a strong case against AT&T in court which I assume is why so many people can just use 40 or 50 gigs per month and not have AT&T do a damn thing about it.

    Since when is unlimited synonymous with unlimited*

    *actually limited but we call it unlimited to draw more subscribers
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    2011-02-21 11:28 PM
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    Great for those that want to pay an extra $20/month! I'll stick with MyWi On Demand
    Same here, the only way that att can keep up now is to offer it at a lower price because we all know that it wont be free
    You don't like the iPad because you don't have one!
    2011-02-23 10:15 AM
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