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  1. santacruzlocal's Avatar
    If the 5 has a slider, I will buy an entire crate of 4's both AT&T and Verizon (Just in Case) for myself
    2011-02-28 11:15 PM
  2. robbpell's Avatar
    For what? Do they think this will help sales with the ViPhone? Everyone who already owns and iphone has adapted to the touch screen keyboard. This is just going to take up space and make the phone bigger and uglier imo. However, that isn't apple at all so ill assume they found a way to make the phone and all its parts smaller (thinner) and squeeze in a bigger HD and a bit more RAM and somehow made the battery life longer and found space for a keyboard?!?!?!

    Edit. INT3 has the right thinking if and that's IF they have a sliding/moving display expect something big not a measly keyboard psh who has those things anymore they're like cassettes VHS and commodores!
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    Yeah, you'll be the coolest person in the room when you pull one out and show it around, but that gets old fast when three other people have them and one person somehow has one that glows in the dark.
    John C. Dvorak
    The American columnist and broadcaster in article 'Rethinking the iPhone' in PC Magazine.
    2011-02-28 11:20 PM
  3. kuhndsn's Avatar
    I would bet just about anything that a physical screen is not going to be the case. That is like going back to a rotary phone. really?!?!
    2011-02-28 11:25 PM
  4. JLick's Avatar
    Tired of freaking posts about rumors and suspected and leaked and w/e else crap...
    2011-02-28 11:30 PM
  5. ss4adib's Avatar
    Apple, why are you making me more tempted to get a windows 7 phone???
    2011-02-28 11:44 PM
  6. johnzo~'s Avatar
    this is like a step backward for apple and a step backward in the future of smartphones.
    2011-02-28 11:57 PM
  7. Antman217's Avatar
    This would mean more parts and more money Apple has to waste so no this is BS. Apple has worked hard to push the touch interface of the iPhone and a physical keyboard would be like a step back. The only thing that I would like sliding out would be video game buttons (Xperia Play style). Otherwise slide out keyboard would be the wrong move for Apple.
    2011-03-01 12:01 AM
  8. newyork0900's Avatar
    My thought exactly. I just don't see a physcial keyboard on the iPhone. The first thing I thought of was the Kyocera phone that was recently demo'd. When I saw it, I thought, "Man, Apple could pull that off way better.". Well, maybe they will..

    Kyocera Pimps Dual-Screen Android Smartphone | Gadget Lab |

    Just think...micro bezel +2 retina displays???
    This just wouldn't sit right on an iPhone! Dual screen, too bulky, with a black 10cm split down the middle! No, no, no!!!! The new iphone will deffinatley have a bigger screen, to keep in line with the up and coming smartphones. We all have the idea of "the perfect phone" and so do Apple, but it would be Market suicide to give people, all what they want in one phone; so they will give us the next iPhone with a bit more of what we want, sell it for $500 and then next year produce another iPhone, with a bit more of what we want and wait for it, yes, sell that for $500..........etc
    2011-03-01 12:20 AM
  9. lordz's Avatar
    If its got a physical keyboard ,, its not an iphone.
    2011-03-01 12:21 AM
  10. justin7942163's Avatar
    Physical Keyboard = Stick with iPhone 4.
    Internet killed the video star.
    2011-03-01 12:38 AM
  11. eman297's Avatar
    then if they would want that why would they give us cool multi touch gestures in lion?
    Im eman297
    2011-03-01 12:46 AM
  12. unison999's Avatar
    Misdirection by Apple?
    People hunger for Apple news even if it is fake, why not throw some misdirection out to people to keep people talking?
    2011-03-01 01:03 AM
  13. chuk12chuk's Avatar
    2011-03-01 01:04 AM
  14. steve-z17's Avatar
    Apple don't go down that road please! We don't need a physical keyboard, the one we have is excellent!
    2011-03-01 01:05 AM
  15. that_girl's Avatar
    this is like a step backward for apple and a step backward in the future of smartphones.
    How so? What if you want a smartphone with a physical keyboard, but you don't want to buy a Crapberry or go on Sprint's network to get an HTC Evo Shift? My perfect idea of a smartphone has jailbroken features and a proper physical keyboard.
    2011-03-01 01:19 AM
  16. klouud's Avatar
    If that happens then I will be waiting for the iPhone 6 and sticking with my 3GS... possibly getting the i4 if the i5/6 turns out to have physical keyboards. I hate em... adds too much bulk
    2011-03-01 01:30 AM
  17. alexevo's Avatar
    Don't panic. We know Apple will never put a physical keyboard or any kind of sliding mechanism on the iPhone since their trend has been towards thinner/sleeker/lighter.

    Not to mention the on-screen keyboard on the iPhone is light years better than the one on even the largest mainstream Android phone, the Droid X. The on-screen keyboard on Android phones is garbage and the predictive text input takes up way too much screen real estate.

    That being said, I would LOVE to have Swype on the iPhone. If you have ever used it I'm sure you'd agree.
    2011-03-01 01:57 AM
  18. vstarag's Avatar
    What if is not a keyboard, but game controls.
    2011-03-01 02:08 AM
  19. carlbgc's Avatar
    The iPhone will never have a physical keyboard messany you moron.

    Stop spreading crap rumours.
    2011-03-01 02:09 AM
  20. Nielsenius's Avatar
    This is a load of crap.
    2011-03-01 02:33 AM
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