1. Co1d Night's Avatar
    If you find an expensive device, you should take it to the police station.

    For the "slow minded" people, I'll clear things up for ya.
    One it was a LOST IPHONE case. The guy left it in a place it shouldn't have been and therefore lost it. It turned into a STOLEN IPHONE case when gizmodo took it and started toying with it without taking it to the police.

    Now...if apple got the iPhone back, I don't see anything more to do with this case. If they didn't then I would start getting some legal stuff going on, but an iPhone isn't something to tie our courts around. As I said in my earlier post, apple learned not to let irresponsible employees play with their prototypes.
    2011-03-21 06:01 PM
  2. bagek's Avatar
    My buddy knows the guy who found the iPhone and he said he sold it for much much more than $5000 but he wouldnt give up the exact amount
    2011-03-21 06:06 PM
  3. ChaoticAces's Avatar
    You mean the iPhone 4 gizmodo payed $5000 out of their pockets for so they could take pictures for the site, the one they offered to give back without any reimbursement along as apple acknowledged it was their prototype iPhone? It was a simple question, "Is this yours?" and Apple wouldn't say yes or no, instead they just used their money to make some peoples lives a living hell. Giz did nothing wrong, the iPhone 4 leak cost apple money...Yes, but it saved people who didn't know a new iPhone was coming from signing a new 2 year contract to get "last years model". Apple took this way to far. For you to say Jason Chen and gawker should be punished to the point of poverty is horrible. I think your post was in the top 5 dumbest post I have read this year.

    BTW all the hype from the leaked iPhone 4 images and news contributed to the iPhone 4 selling over a million devices the first weekend.

    You had to get inside of his car (Unlawful Entry) to take it, The Dumbass with the iphone 4 prototype left it at a bar.

    How The **** do you know it was a lie?

    So its okay for an Apple store employee to sell you a iphone knowing that in a month The New Better model is coming out for the same price, and not let you know? Apple did not suffer from this at all. They made so much ******* money off all this iphone 4 leak ****. I bet they sold more iphone 4s then they lost in 3GS sales

    If he left his ******* phone in a bar then ignored calls and emails to return it then its his fault it got sold, Im Positive if he lost his phone then the person who bought it called him and said they would give it back for free and take the loss on the price they payed for it, and all he had to was sign a statement saying it was his property He would just sign the damn receipt and get his ******* phone back.

    Did you think before you posted, or did you just type the dumbest ******* things that came to mind first?
    Thank you very much, you said one of the smartest things here. You win the internet.
    2011-03-22 12:33 AM
  4. EskimoRuler's Avatar
    Unless I knew exactly what happened I would have to say that this has just been a waste of time for all involved.
    You don't like the iPad because you don't have one!
    2011-03-22 08:00 PM
  5. nicolawillett's Avatar
    they already have billions of dollars and 'leak' of the iPhone 4 just ramped up the hype for the 4, back before it came out of course
    2011-03-30 04:34 PM
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