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    Shortly after AT&T announced its intention to purchase T-Mobile last weekend for $39 billion, the people at InMobi, the world’s largest independent mobile advertising network, decided to embark on an interesting homework assignment of sorts. The goal? To study the effect of the pending deal on consumer ad impressions in the United States.

    Subsequently, InMobi took a close look at its five billion monthly ad requests only to discover that the new company that would emerge from an AT&T and T-Mobile merger would effectively carry more mobile ad impressions in the US than any other network, far surpassing the current leader Verizon by leaps and bounds.

    The cold hard data shows the following: With regard to ad impressions broken down by operator, InMobi's research found that AT&T currently carries 20.4% and T-Mobile 15.1%. If you do the math, that would put the new company (post merger) at a combined total of 35.5%. Not too shabby considering that Verizon presently carries just 24.8% in comparison. And what about Sprint you ask, which would become only one of three (and the smallest) major mobile carriers in the US? Sprint would retain it's relatively paltry 18%.

    James Lamberti, VP, Global Research & Marketing, InMobi, says: “Towards the end of 2010, Verizon carried more mobile ad impressions than any other, mostly driven by its high percentage of Android devices running on its network. AT&T's move with T-Mobile will take it back into the lead and the new network will service over a third of US mobile ad impressions, making it the biggest in the country. Verizon and Sprint will be playing catch-up, but further acquisitions or a change in mobile platforms running on various networks could certainly change all of that."

    But as we covered earlier this morning, there are no guarantees that AT&T will get past the FCC with its bid to acquire T-Mobile. And it will surprise very few people if the FCC reaches a decision on the controversial matter any time soon.

    Source: InMobi
    2011-03-24 07:29 PM
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    I'm sure the people at the FCC will take their piece of the pie and it will go through
    2011-03-24 07:50 PM
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    I'm sure the people at the FCC will take their piece of the pie and it will go through
    Yep i absolutely agree.
    2011-03-24 08:06 PM
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    Well it will lead to more creative ads, I assure you that.
    Want to see a preview of what they may look like?
    Look here:
    2011-03-24 08:19 PM
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    Advertising promotes sales which leads to greater and greater dominance. Personally, I'm not ready to throw in the hat and allow AT&T to dominate the US market. Not only that, AT&T would be the ONLY major provider of GSM capable devices.
    2011-03-24 08:50 PM
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    I hope this goes through, I live in an area dominated by Verizon ppl, and its quite annoying them constantly running their mouths cause I dont have 3G and they do. I know this wont get me 3G but it will give me right to brag that AT&T is not the largest carrier.


    If I have helped you then thank me.
    2011-03-24 09:49 PM
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    2011-03-24 11:07 PM
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    I can't stand the thought of this.
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    2011-03-31 12:32 AM
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    If all this goes through how much will it take, and does it mean t-mobile customers can get iphones?
    2011-04-27 08:16 AM