1. Paco's Avatar
    pretty soon we won't need tv
    2011-04-20 07:07 PM
  2. thetoothfairy's Avatar
    True blood!

    I think he means that Netflix will lose customers because of this and will have to raise their prices to compensate for the loss. I don't agree with that though.
    Agree.... I hope HBO comes out at the same price Netflix has or cheaper myself.

    pretty soon we won't need tv
    Yes we will... the new 3d tv's are going to get popular and everyone will want one... best 3d movies I ever seen was on one of those 3d tv's. Go check one out at Best Buy. There pretty cool!
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    2011-04-20 07:26 PM
  3. digitalreflex's Avatar
    Depending on the price it might be a nice way to watch some interesting shows, especially since I killed my cable the other day (cable isn't worth that much money a month to me). But to be honest I'd rather have netflix have it so I can stream it to the TV via my HTPC.
    2011-04-20 07:38 PM
  4. bajesus's Avatar
    too many independent companies with their own services... why do they insist on making piracy the path of least resistance?
    2011-04-20 07:42 PM
  5. unison999's Avatar
    This might be a sting in Netflix's butt, but I think they can fight it out with no problem. Everyone I know has Netflix, they did not get it just so they can see HBO. Though it is nice to stream it on iPad or iPhone, it is still just something I would play with initially but I will go back to my Tivo and record to play on big TV. Before you ask, no I would not spend $100 to buy an iTV so I can stream HBO.

    Edit: BTW HBO has been advertising this for quite some time now, the ads says service is free to all HBO subscribers.
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    2011-04-20 08:10 PM
  6. rlort01's Avatar
    I have netflix and hulu (no cable/satellite however). The only reason I would get this is to watch Dexter....
    Unfortunately Dexter is on Showtime but great show
    2011-04-20 08:26 PM
  7. unison999's Avatar
    too many independent companies with their own services... why do they insist on making piracy the path of least resistance?
    Is this your way of justifying piracy?
    It is a free application! Free service if you subscribe to HBO! If you do not have subscription you can always rent the DVD/Blueray off of netflix when they come out.
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    2011-04-20 08:31 PM
  8. 14u2nv's Avatar
    I would gladly give up Netflix to have some new content. It's getting really old having to watch movies I've already seen. When does netflix even update? I've seen maybe a dozen new additions this year, and most are tv shows from two seasons ago. Between HBO and redbox, I think I could justify not having netflix.
    2011-04-20 08:45 PM
  9. CaptainChaos's Avatar
    That's awesome...competition on any level is good. Maybe Netflix will stop with the DVD crap and let me stream NEW STUFF :] Who orders DVD's anymore anyway...sitting by the mailbox waiting..hahaha!
    The nearest Netflix distribution center is right down the road from my house. There is a one day turnaround for me so this is definitely feasible.
    2011-04-20 11:49 PM
  10. pentatonic145's Avatar
    "Go" means "poop" in Farsi. An apt association, I'd say, given the quality of HBO's programming.
    2011-04-21 12:53 AM
  11. G113764's Avatar
    Ummm I wouldn't risk giving up all the content available on Netflix, just so I can watch a few movies and a handful of shows. I think this app would be a great add-on if you already have existing service with HBO, but I'm sure this is just for the convience of taking that service mobile. It'd be pointless to replace Netflix with HBO. Who cares how long the DVDs take to get to you in the mail when you have so much available to stream instantly? You wouldn't even notice.
    2011-04-21 01:19 AM
  12. Simon's Avatar
    Very nice. For those not in the US like me Fakelocation in cydia ftw
    2011-04-21 01:27 AM
  13. Stray's Avatar
    Damns Simon confusing the phone lol
    2011-04-21 01:31 AM
  14. Simon's Avatar
    Damns Simon confusing the phone lol
    um what?
    2011-04-21 01:34 AM
  15. Stray's Avatar
    Damn autocorrect. Forget it
    2011-04-21 01:36 AM
  16. Essenar's Avatar
    I don't understand how people cab say this will threaten Netflix. Netflix is the iPhone, HBO Go is Windows Mobile. Catch my drift? Market share in one segment means nothing for market share in another. People can have a single Netflix account and watch through their PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, iPhone, soon Android and have videos shipped to their house.

    HBO has True Blood and other award winning shows. But Netflix has taken over and the support for multiple platforms will keep it gaining steam for years.
    2011-04-22 07:42 AM
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