1. tsatryan's Avatar
    How is this better than LogMeIn?
    2011-05-09 11:14 PM
  2. Gerneio's Avatar
    Describe logmein plz
    2011-05-09 11:37 PM
  3. unison999's Avatar
    Very laggy, and I am on wifi using basic functions... Not even going to try streaming music or videos. Deleting the app as we speak.
    2011-05-09 11:41 PM
  4. Gerneio's Avatar
    Lol was it free at least?
    2011-05-09 11:42 PM
  5. zauriel's Avatar
    How is this better than LogMeIn?
    It probably isn't. But I would assume that's why LogMeIn costs $30 and Splashtop is $0.99. I suppose if you already have LogMeIn, you probably don't need Splashtop ... but like I indicated to the guy who has TeamViewer, I don't see anything in the App Store description for LogMeIn that indicates you can stream your iTunes music to your phone or watch stuff like Hulu video (if you can, then I guess you're all set). I think Splashtop is meant more for people that specifically want to be able to do those things, and for those that won't use a VNC-style app as often as others.
    2011-05-09 11:54 PM
  6. Spaceman1701's Avatar
    Not necessary. Go to splashtops website, there's a tutorial.
    didnt have any luck finding the tutorial. Any chance of putting up the link. thanks
    2011-05-10 12:30 AM
  7. Cucumbijuana's Avatar
    I have NTR Viewer and LogMeIn Ignition. How is Spashtop different than those?
    How come they can't play fair with US instead of the other way around?
    2011-05-10 01:47 AM
  8. WTFX's Avatar
    Grabbed earlier today and just received an update for it.

    1. INTERNET DISCOVERY – find your computers across the Internet
    This new feature is still experimental. Turn it on in the Settings menu of the app, and the Settings tab of the Streamer on your computer (Windows only for now)

    2. Blank screen – blank your computer’s display for privacy while connected
    This feature is also experimental (Windows 7 only for now)

    3. Improved the “blinking cursor” issue reported on some Windows computers

    To enjoy these new great features, make sure to use the latest version of the PC or Mac OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard) Splashtop Remote Streamer
    Pretty sweet update for something that was just gotten free.
    2011-05-10 02:55 AM
  9. Gerneio's Avatar
    Too bad I missed it but which one of these programs is free and that means no trials
    2011-05-10 04:01 AM
  10. jailwut wunnow's Avatar
    There is no F1,F2,F3,etc keys would be great if they can incorporate that into system.
    Along the top of the keyboard are the ctrl+alt+del keys and one "F1-F12" that opens another popup with the F keys. Took me a minute to find 'em, but they are there.

    And of course it is a bit laggy. What remote client isn't a bit slow.

    It's really simple to get it to work over 3g or an outside wifi network. Just forward ports 6783-6785 on your router and add a new connection in the app with you actual ip, not the local one, 192.168.... Be sure to check under the advanced settings and set the resolution to "Use remote computer's native setting" or your computer screen at home will be reset to the rez in the app.

    So far, 24 hours, I have liked this app better than TeamViewer and unlike LogMeIn I don't need an account with them to access some features. Granted the streaming can get a little choppy but I'm not using this app to stream some flash videos. If I want to stream something in iTunes or on my mac, I just use AirVideo. I am using it mainly to access some files and things I can't actually load onto my iPad.

    Hope that helps.
    2011-05-10 04:17 AM
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