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    Not when it's a game you own. I play the game I bought and played as a kid. All legal. Look it up.
    Do you still own the game? I suppose so you made the backup yourself and didn't download a ROM from the internet? Even so you're breaking copyright laws.

    In the U.S. it's still illegal for a user to create their own backups of video game ROMs.

    Emulators are fine and legal alright. ROMs are not legal in many many countries. Regardless if the games are available to buy or still being manufactured until the copyrights expire it is illegal, which takes 75 years, and since video games have only been around for about 30 years no game's copyright has expired.

    Its a very common misconception that playing ROMs of games you own(ed) is legal. It's just impossible to enforce, but it is illegal in the majority of the world, and most definitely in any country where games are officially distributed to.
    2011-05-17 10:26 PM
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    I rather play a game on the psp then on my iPhone. Apple needs a wireless controller and then it would be killer

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    2011-05-17 11:23 PM
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    An iphone is as much a gaming device as a computer is. A computer plays games great, better than consoles when you have good games. However I don' think it should be a gaming device because it is not it's primary purpose. Same thinking with the iphone.
    2011-05-18 05:46 AM
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    A product can only be considered a game console or device if that is what it is marketed as.
    2011-05-18 05:51 AM
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    Thank you guys so much for my entertainment for the day. These arguments are quite entertaining for outsiders lol.
    2011-05-19 12:29 PM
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    2011-05-22 10:27 PM
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