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    Two months ago, Howard Stringer, the CEO of Sony, dropped what many considered to be an iPhone 5 - or maybe iPhone 4S - bombshell. During an interview that gained international attention, Stringer reportedly had a "slip of the tongue" and accidentally revealed that Apple's 5th generation iPhone may sport its most impressive camera to date.

    According to Stringer, the next iPhone - whenever it finally turns up - will likely feature an 8MP camera. More specifically, Stringer revealed that the recent Japanese earthquake did some serious damage to a Sony camera sensor plant, which has effectively delayed shipments of the senors to the Cupertino, California-based company.

    Today, however, we're hearing something completely different from that which was reported above. Still on the table, fortunately, is an 8MP camera. The definitive provider of the camera, on the other hand, has now become a little less obvious. Based on sources speaking with DigiTimes this week, Taiwan's Largan Precision will supply the needed components for the new iPhone's 8MP camera.

    Taiwan-based Largan Precision currently sees 8-megapixel phone-use lens modules account for nearly 10% of its total lens module shipment volume, but it may see 8-megapixel modules replace 5-megapixel ones to become the mainstream for smartphones in the third quarter of 2011 due to possible orders from Apple, according to industry sources in Taiwan.
    With few other major modifications (as far as we can tell) planned for the new iPhone, an 8MP camera certainly wouldn't be revolutionary in the smartphone world, but it would be enough to add a little more upgrade incentive to current iPhone 4, or earlier generation owners. Unfortunately, all signs still point to September as the time we'll get our answer to these burning questions and more.

    Source: Digitimes
    2011-05-24 07:45 PM
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    I don't think the J/B community will be heartbroken at all to get further from Sony.
    2011-05-24 09:54 PM
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    2011-05-25 05:01 AM
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    I don't think the J/B community will be heartbroken at all to get further from Sony.
    My thoughts exactly!
    2011-05-25 09:34 AM
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    idc who makes the camera to be honest. but with a 5mp camera on the iphone outdoing 8mp cameras on competitor smartphones already, then with a 8mp camera the "others" better just give up.
    2011-05-25 09:53 AM