1. Phillip Swanson's Avatar

    Unprecedented. Unthinkable. Unfathomable.

    Angry Birds has been dethroned as the "Top Paid App," in the iTunes App Store for three straight days. The culprit? A five fingered thief as puzzling as it is dastardly, The Heist.

    The puzzle games Heist was downloaded over 25,000 times in its first day of release for $.99 a pop, enough to move ahead of Angry Birds. Day two was even more impressive, with the game seeing 89,798 downloads in 24 hours. That's over a download every second for an entire day.

    Moving ahead of Angry Birds, and the other Bieber Fever-esque apps, has been done before, but the flame burns bright and fast. The Heist seems poised to make an extended run. The highly addictive puzzle game pits users against a series of puzzels that need to be completed in order to claim the prize hidden within the vault.

    The surge of downloads is half well made and addictive gameplay, one half clever marketing. MacHeist, creators of the game, has ben dropping hints at the games release over the past few months in their own bundled app downloads. Also, they managed to hide clues in the Twitter for Mac app.

    It's been a good run so far, but the Birds are angry for a reason. Don't expect them to sit on the sideline too long.

    Source: Tech Crunch
    2011-05-28 04:31 AM
  2. Jahooba's Avatar
    So is the Heist any good?
    2011-05-28 05:00 AM
  3. Shimizu1006's Avatar
    It's very, super addicting.
    2011-05-28 05:17 AM
  4. Browning151's Avatar
    It's addicting until you get into the vault, then it's just boring (to me at least). Took me less than a day to complete the game.
    2011-05-28 05:53 AM
  5. Ivel's Avatar
    Personally I think its soooo boring. I deleted it quickly
    2011-05-28 05:54 AM
  6. coolguy742's Avatar
    So is the Heist any good?
    Pretty fun for about 30 minutes lol, it needs more puzzles/variety
    2011-05-28 06:33 AM
  7. Amraam's Avatar
    Good. I'm sick of the whole angry birds hype now lol
    2011-05-28 03:27 PM
  8. Thenextkiller's Avatar
    UMM HOW ABOUT TINY WINGS. They dethroned Angry Birds for a long time
    2011-05-28 07:48 PM
  9. DevouredDreams's Avatar
    i downloaded heist and its nothing compared to angry birds, but ^^i did like tiny wings when i first got it during its hype.
    2011-05-28 08:47 PM