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    AT&T's proposed acquisition of T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telecom for $39 billion is still under fire by the Federal Communications Commission and other competing telecom companies.

    At the end of this week (today), the FCC requested information from AT&T to help sway their decision on whether they should pass the deal or not. A set of 50 questions was sent to AT&T regarding the nature of their current wireless coverage and why they believe the acquisition of T-Mobile will enhance their 4G capabilities. On top of this, the questions encompassed price comparisons, long-term plans, and other questions of this nature. It has been speculated that these previous questions were asked by the FCC to clarify whether AT&T would decide to boost up their prices after acquisition.

    The actual contents of the question packet from the FCC is expected to be top secret and FCC officials aren't recommended to discuss these matters until the vote has been decided. The actual date could be months from now and even the Department of Justice is not obligated to provide information.

    In light of this, AT&T has expressed that they believe T-Mobile's infrastructure will enhance their current 3G coverage and help alleviate issues in troubled cities such as San Francisco. AT&T's goal is to cover 97% of the U.S. with LTE-based 4G and foster extra coverage in areas where either one of the respective companies (AT&T and T-Mobile) is lacking. Time will tell whether AT&T's intentions are true and whether the FCC will approve the deal.

    Source(s): Electronista
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    If this passes ATT wil rip and i mean RIP consumers off with their prices and data plan. Theyll use lame excuse for prices more people from Tmobile means more strain on the network and theyll crop their data again and slow down their network. I hope Tmob stays Tmob.
    2011-06-12 11:16 AM