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    There are literally dozens of iOS apps that let you watch video content on demand, but what if you want to watch a live broadcast? Currently, the iPhone and other iOS devices are not capable of picking up digital TV signals over the air. Cydle, a South Korean company known for their in-car multimedia systems, has just announced the Cydle i30, a DTV tuner for the iPhone.

    Once you slide your iPhone into the Cydle i30’s 30-pin dock connector, you’ll then be able to tune in to regular over-the-air television broadcasts in your area. Major TV networks are still required to transmit digital signals over the air so anyone with a receiver can tune into them for free. Depending on your geographic location, most people will be able to pick up one or more of the major networks using this device.

    The Cydle i30 also includes a built in 1100 mAh battery so the unit won’t drain your iPhone’s battery when you use it. The i30 can also charge your iPhone’s internal battery when not being used to watch TV. It also includes a mini-USB port and can charge both the unit and an iPhone with an AC adapter. The i30 should provide about 3 hours of television viewing before needing to be recharged.

    If your summer plans include a camping trip, then the Cydle i30 might just be the prefect companion when you want to catch your favorite shows while roughing it in the great outdoors. Pricing and availability have not yet been announced, but Cydle just received FCC approval for the i30 so it shouldn’t be too long before they go on sale. I look forward to testing the Cydle i30 when it comes out in the not too distant future.

    Source: TUAW
    2011-05-28 10:16 AM
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    How quaint, lol. I have been using a seg1 dtv tuner for nearly two years on my ip3Gs and 4 to make the train ride a little more productive.
    2011-05-28 10:38 AM
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    Would be nice if it also worked on the iPad.
    2011-05-28 11:09 AM
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    would be nice if it also worked on the ipad.
    2011-05-28 12:47 PM
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    This lil Unit is cool, But really it all depends on what channels and signals you get, Ill stick with my SlingBox, The Sling is connected to My cable box witch has all movie channels Sports, the whole Package lol Live!, and its easily broadcasted over 3g with awesom picture Clarity, and as far as my battery.... i have a 2000! mAh Mophie JuicePack, So at the end of the Day ur better Off with a SlingBox/Mophie pack,
    It's all worth it, truuust. and Its also iPad friendly, Go check it out

    "the iPhone and other iOS devices are not capable of picking up digital TV signals over the air" =
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    2011-05-28 01:19 PM
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    'nuff said

    (UK only)
    2011-05-28 01:38 PM
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    'nuff said

    (UK only)
    Lol high five that sh*t
    2011-05-28 02:47 PM
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    Lol high five that sh*t

    (Thx for the correction)

    Don't worry; be happy, because sh*t just happens
    2011-05-28 04:18 PM
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    I'd buy this, it would be nice to have during a major storm. Even if the cell towers and power go out, you might be able to pick up some tv and see what's going on.
    2011-05-28 09:38 PM