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    A great app. Would have a wireless obd interface and give you useful real-time data like boost levels, exhaust gas temps, g forces( using iphone accelerometer) and any other variables available to it through the diagnostics port.
    Nothing against this app but that is my wish list
    Boost level wouldn't work unless you had an electronic boost sensor with wireless data capabilities and exhaust gas temp wouldn't work as most vehicle(except some diesel) don't have EGT sensors built in. You'd not only need aftermarket sensors but also the peripherals to have them communicate wirelessly with your iphone which likely means at that point you're using your laptop for tuning anyway.

    This is awesome!! I have a pretty good OBD2 scanner (scan tool), but would like something that tells me when all systems are "go" in terms of my state inspection. There are ways of getting around the check engine light "auto-fail" if you have a scanner.

    Anywho, it would be nice to do this with an iphone instead of a laptop.
    Can't do that either with just erasing codes before state inspection. At least not here in CA. When you erase any codes you also reset the monitors and if those monitors don't have enough miles on them or enough drive cycles then the smog check won't complete. They thought about those people that would just pull the battery cable or use a scanner to erase the codes when they developed the monitor system.
    2011-06-02 06:37 AM
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    Power is not killed to the OBD2 port when the key is off. I check my codes all the time without the keys even in the ignition.
    Power is killed at the OBD port when Key is turned to off. You must have an battery operated scanner. Try a non battery operated one it will not work.
    2011-06-02 11:14 AM
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    Nope, not battery operated. It draws power from the battery in my truck and I don't need the keys to use it.
    HK-Z on Game Center
    2011-07-27 10:29 PM
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