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    Theme Of The Week brings another great set themes for you to check out. This week will showcase two well-designed themes: eXplos1on HD and inPulse. Both run through WinterBoard and are unique in their own right.

    Courtesy to @_robink for the Theme Of The Week banner. I'm still looking for banner ideas/submissions so feel free to email me here.

    eXplos1on HD:

    Created by @JunesIphone / bAdGB Team (@bAdBGteam), eXplos1on is elegant yet structured in design. With it's distinctive dark and smooth black background, the interface is clean and flows well with re-designed Status Bar and icons. When you open each application, it has its own specific loading screen which attests to the thoroughness of the design. Within each application, the borders, buttons, and other toggles (depending on the application) match the rest of the interface and doesn't take away from the functionality or viewing within the application. The lockscreen also has a cool design yet still keeps your already set lockscreen wallpaper. Furthermore, with sounds and an SBSettings theme, this theme is fully equipped for every aspect of the iDevice.

    A key aspect of the theme that I think is extremely important is that this theme enhances the interface versus revamping it. Although it changes the look of the icons and SpringBoard, it preserves bits and pieces of the original UI thus making it less foreign for users who are used to the original SpringBoard look and feel. Overall, eXplos1on HD is a great theme with lots of unique tidbits that set it apart from other themes.

    eXplos1on HD has not been released yet and will be available on June 3, 2011 at 6:00 PM on Cydia. When released, it will cost $2.99.

    Name: eXplos1on
    Author: JunesIphone / bAdGB Team
    Price: $2.99
    Not yet released; will be released June 3, 2011 at 6:00 PM on Cydia

    While preparing for this week's Theme Of The Week, I had the opportunity to speak with JunesIphone and ask him a few questions. He was very willing and his responses are below:

    JOSH: How long have you been creating themes for the iDevice? What was your very first theme?
    JUNE: I have been theming for over a year now (complete themes). My very first theme released was iLink. Before I started releasing themes, I just modded previous themes to my taste.

    JOSH: What gave you the idea to create eXplos1on? Was there a person, image, scenario etc. that sparked something that helped you design this theme?
    JUNE: I was looking for was something that looked three dimensional. Something that just popped out at you. Ideas just came after hours of Photoshop; it's unexplainable.

    JOSH: How much time did it take for you to make eXplos10n? Was it just you or was this theme made in collaboration with a few individuals, group, or team?
    JUNE: It actually took me a while to create eXplos1on. It was an idea I had but only played with it a little bit before setting it aside of other projects. I am the graphics designer for the new website jailbreakemnow.com so the initial start of this website kept me from working on solely eXplos1on at first. The site is run by myself and the bAdGB team.

    JOSH: If there was one part of the theme that you love the most, what would that be?
    JUNE: One part of this theme I love the most? That's a hard question to ask a designer. I love every part of this theme. Each image I have spend an extra amount of time on to make just so I could be happy with it. Like I tell all the new themers that come to me and ask for pointers, make it the way you want it; the way you would like your device to look. And if they like it, they like it. If they don't, then they don't. Yes, of course I ask people of there thoughts and suggestions but I'm not just creating it for others, I was creating it for myself.

    JOSH: Do you have any other projects/developments that you're doing on top of this? Can you elaborate?
    JUNE: One thing that I'm predominantly focusing on is my involvement with bAdGB. bAdGB strives to be an example and helping hand for those who are looking to start theming or want to design for the iDevice in some way. The bAdGB comprises of the best themers I know and our hope is to expand into something people will respect and want to check up on and ask for advice in regards to iDevice theming. More information about bAdGB can be found at here.

    Follow both JunesIphone and the baDGB Team on Twitter for more information about eXplos1on HD and other developments by the team.


    Surenix (@iSurenix) not only creates great applications like AndroidLoader but also makes well-designed themes. Although it may look simplistic, the effect it creates is a great enhancement to the SpringBoard. Adding a 3D look and silver border, inPulse brings out the colors in each application icon and intensifies the nature of the screen, especially in retina display. Aspects such as the Phone, Lockscreen, iPod, and Dock are re-designed to match the rest of the interface and in no way inhibit functionality from the user. It doesn't leave any part of the iDevice untouched and does a great job of smoothly connecting each component of the interface together into a collaborative, well-formated, theme.

    More then anything else, the simplicity yet impact the theme has on the look of the iDevice is what is key. It doesn't have any fancy widgets, gadgets, etc. but what consists of the theme really brings out a better display on the iDevice. It leaves the native iOS look but enhances it by making it look richer and more full of color. Complexity is not always the better choice and many times choosing the simple yet intricate themes can make you much more satisfied then the others. inPulse is available in both retina and non-retina and is currently available on Cydia for $1.99 (both versions).

    Name: inPulse
    Author: Surenix
    Version: 1.5.1
    Price: $1.99 (retina and non-retina)

    As I have worked with Surenix before, he was more then willing to answer a few questions about inPulse:

    JOSH: What gave you the idea to create inPulse?
    SURENIX: The stock iOS icons were getting boring and wanted something different, but not too much. So I searched in Cydia but the themes on there weren't cutting it. The icons are nice, but it's what every non-jailbroken iDevice users use. And I wanted to give the jailbreakers something different.

    JOSH: How long did it take you to design inPulse?
    SURENIX: I started 8 months ago... I'm not finished yet. There are those little things here and there from within the theme that I'm not quite happy about yet and I'll keep going back and fixing those things up until I'm happy.

    JOSH: Was this theme pretty easy for you or were there some complications along the way?
    SURENIX: It definitely wasn't easy. I spent about 2 months (on and off) just trying to perfect the 3D look. But yes, after getting that part done, then it got a little easier . So it was only the early stage in the game that it was hard.

    JOSH: Did you create this entirely on your own or did you have others helping you?
    SURENIX: Design wise, I'm proud to say I did it all. But having to locate where everything was, UI location wise, I had help from @ozOCloudOzo.

    JOSH: Any new projects that you're working on that you'd be willing to speak on?
    SURENIX: I love surprises, don't you?

    Surenix is reachable on Twitter so hit him up there for more information about inPulse and other developments by him.

    Source(s): JunesIphone, baDGB Team, Surenix
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    Thanks everyone for theme of the week! Great job Josh on the post, the interview section was a great idea.
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    I tried to tell June that the Mayan's screwed up the calendar and that its actually 06/03/11 right now but that didn't work so yeah June 3rd i will be downloading this immediately. Congrats to June and Surenix both for their work.
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    is theme of the week returning once more =O
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