1. Phillip Swanson's Avatar

    Yesterday while I was golfing, naturally I used my iPhone to check the weather and search for tips on how to improve the horrific snap hook I developed overnight. During my search, I noticed Google's mobile search site looked different, complete with large icons for the traditional search options (pictured above).

    The updated mobile search site is only available if you complete a google search while logged into your google account. The updates seem to be an effort to have the mobile search site duplicate the desktop search, and google experience. The new tabbed search navigation (tabbed navigation, not multiple tabbed searches) goes a long way in achieving this goal. However, it does seem odd that the new layout is only available after completing a search from the main google page.

    Also, the newly revamped design is only available in certain markets. U.K. users aren't able to access the new mobile search site yet. Although, the slow rollout of updates throughout Google servers is common with updates of this sort. There was early speculation that it could have been a short test google implemented, then quickly pulled off. However, the new mobile search site is still working for me.

    Check it out, and see if the updated Google mobile search site is working on your iOS device. Let us know in the comments.

    Source: Confirmed at Phonearena
    2011-05-30 05:52 PM
  2. kmvguy83's Avatar
    Looks same for me. Not working.
    2011-05-31 12:23 AM
  3. Du Blex's Avatar
    doesn't work for me either
    2011-05-31 03:04 AM
  4. mobyguy77's Avatar
    Same Here.
    Looks same for me. Not working.

    Don't worry; be happy, because sh*t just happens
    2011-05-31 09:26 AM
  5. firstcherokeekid's Avatar
    Same for me...no worky!!
    2011-06-01 04:12 PM