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    Anyone who owns an iDevice, no matter which one, can attest to the mobility that it provides. With 3G and WiFi capabilities, the world is at your fingertips almost anywhere you go. It would seem that news companies are embracing this philosophy also to limit cost and equipment transportation. According to sources, BBC is developing an iPhone application to allow field reporters to upload videos, pictures, audio and other information directly to the BBC website.

    Journalism.co.uk reports that the BBC is planning on releasing this application to their reporters within the month. What makes this application convenient is that it supports both WiFi and 3G connectivity.

    Reporters have been using smart phones for quite sometime but a capability like this makes their phones much more useful. This gives BBC an edge in the news reporting world as it opens up opportunities to do live broadcasting with limited equipment. Because information will be easier transmitted and more up-to-date, this makes BBC's news reporting much more credible. Technology of this nature is crucial to the advancement of news reporting and the exchange of information worldwide. Hopefully other news companies will take BBC's lead and incorporate technologies of their own.

    Source(s): Journalism.co.uk
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    This is a great idea. Now let's find a way to incorporate it into things like Wordpress, and other blogging sites.
    2011-06-15 05:06 PM