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    China is on the heels of the US in the category of countries with the biggest appetite for the App Store and its contents. Based on the findings of a new Distimo study, China has effectively emerged as the second biggest market or Apple App Store downloads in the world, second only to the United States.

    That's pretty impressive, especially since Apple only launched a tailored App Store for Chinese consumers last Fall. As a result, Apple says the number of app downloads across Asia “grew significantly” during the first six months of 2011. Strangely enough, downloads during the same period in western countries simultaneously tapered off.

    So while there's some good news in this report for iOS developers - for example, a comparison of the most popular categories between the United States and Asia revealed that there are no significant differences between content preferences - there remains much less money to be made in the Asian app market. The proportion of paid downloads and the overall revenue in Asia “still lag behind that of the United States and Europe. Moreover, while in-app purchases became an important monetization method over the last year in many countries, it has not yet in Asia.”

    Although the report from Distimo largely focuses on China, iOS developers should be looking, instead, at Japan. Distimo finds that it’s really Japan – not China – that generates the majority of the revenue in Asia when it comes to iPhone app downloads.

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    Source: Distimo
    2011-06-22 09:00 PM