1. Phillip Swanson's Avatar

    HBO is bosting loud and clear that the 3 millionth download of their HBO Go app should occur sometime today, likely before the season premier of the Hill Billy vampire series True Blood.

    HBO Go allows HBO subscribers to watch more than 1,400 shows on demand on their iPads, iPhones, and Android devices, granted their cable providers support the app. Unlike Hulu+, HBO go users have access to every episode of their shows, no corners are cut. It seems HBO is making it painfully apparent to the Netflix user inside us that if you jump ship to Netflix, and cut free your ties to the copper-wired goodness that is HBO, you'll be missing out on some quality programming.

    While the 3 million downloads is an impressive number, especially given there are only 28 million HBO subscribers total, it doesn't take away from the fact Netflix is dirt cheap compared to Cable TV, and an HBO subscription fee. Also, it appears the HBO is forgetting that they have a very real download ceiling of 28 million subscribers. Once that limit is reached, unless they lure in new subscribers through cable companies their growth is dead. Unless of course they start offering their content free of the cable providers death grip, and essentially become Netflix, but for only HBO content.

    The bost is impressive, and cable isn't going anywhere soon, because lets face it, as much as people hate cable companies we hate inconvenience more.

    Now, excuse me while I watch episodes of Dexter on my iPhone while I do the StairMaster at the gym.

    Source: CNET
    2011-06-27 01:46 AM
  2. Kariodude's Avatar
    If I were already an HBO subscriber, the app may be worth it. With Netflix, I don't have to have another subscription in place for it to be a good idea. If I really want to watch an HBO show that bad, I can go to a friend's place that has HBO and watch it there.
    2011-06-27 03:20 AM
  3. Jaysus's Avatar
    I would rather buy the DVD/Blu-Ray of the seasons I enjoy than subscribe to HBO again. Not because of HBOs price, but because of the price of cable in general.
    2011-06-27 05:30 AM
  4. CZroe's Avatar
    My brother works for a local cable co that can't get HBO to cooperate. Their commercials tell their customers that "anyone" with HBO can get it with a participating cable co, but it's not true because HBO refuses to participate with the little guys! They've tried everything to get HBO to work with them to get this going for their customers but HBO won't even start talking about it.

    My bro works for a small cable co and HBO will not let their customers use HBO Go. They won't even talk to them about it even though they are BEGGING on their customer's behalf. The commercials finger cable cos that don't participate, but it's HBO who is refusing to even discuss it.
    2011-06-27 05:56 AM
  5. cranie's Avatar
    I already had HBO with my DirecTV and this app works really great on my iPad.
    2011-06-27 07:20 AM
  6. wirelessdeo's Avatar
    I wish HBO go on the iPad would work with the video out cable. When I tried watching an HBO show from my iPad the show played fine on the iPad but on the TV it only showed the HBO Go logo. So much for what you see on the pas is what you see on the TV. Netflix worked like a champ, it looked even better than when I streamed it on my PS3.
    2011-06-27 04:57 PM
  7. c1ockwerk's Avatar
    i downloaded the app, but living on long island im a cablevision subscriber and they haven't partnered for it yet. i gotta switch to verizon soon missing ESPN3, NFL Red Zone and now HBO GO.
    2011-06-27 05:01 PM
  8. iphone4idiots's Avatar
    Anyone know stats on Netflix active users? I signed up to try it out and didn't like it. I get and email every month asking me to come back, but I'm curious if my username still exists and I'm considered a member even though I only did a 30 day free trial to try the iPhone app out.

    As far as HBO. It's very interesting. They have released episode 2 of True Blood for the app only and I wouldn't be surprised to hear it was streamed over one million times this week. I'm not sure how they can prevent it from showing up elsewhere online though or how they keep someone from giving their username out to friends?
    I thought my carrier was bad til I got a new web host
    2011-06-27 05:23 PM
  9. J_Marley's Avatar
    Just a heads up, at the moment Netflix does not work on iOS 5.0. There seems to be an issue connecting to their server once you try to start streaming anything. Hopefully they will update this before iOS 5.0 is released
    2011-06-27 08:31 PM
  10. Tkaneci2's Avatar
    Has anyone ever heard of bittorent/irc? Eztv.it guys come on, any show from literally any country in the world in hi def and, here is the Kicker kids, it's all totally free.
    2011-06-28 08:19 AM
  11. besssa's Avatar
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    2011-07-04 09:24 PM