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    Have u guy tried the new HTC with duel core yet?? Is a beast . By the time apple come with duel core they will have something will blast apple away

    The apple ios 5 is copying android
    You mean like the iPad 2 with dual core processor??? Or r u talking about phones?

    Here is the deal... Most apple iPhones and iPads work better with lower specs than most of the android competition with faster processors and more RAM. Take the Zoom for an example. I tried that out since a friend of mine has it and it was laggy as hell. Not a show stopper but compared to my iPad 2....I will take the iPad. And the Zoom has twice the RAM.

    Most of the android products seem to need the increased hardware specs to have a decent product to compete.

    I just ordered a cheaper android tablet for my wife to play with since her laptop sucks. She surfs the Internet, listens to music, watches you tube, and watches movies. The tablet I got has android 2.2, 1Ghz processor, 512 MB RAM (the Flying Touch III). It isn't great but it will give me an idea if android is something I want to mess with at all or just stay away. For her it will work either way. At least until the next iPad comes out and she gets my 2. then the android can go to my daughter.

    Either way I am excited to give the android tablet a try out.
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