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    Police officers may soon be carrying a new identification tool called MORIS that contains an iPhone at the heart of the device.

    The Mobile Offender Recognition and Information System includes a retinal scanner and camera to scan suspects and aid in identifying criminals. The iPhone attaches to the device and with everything intact the system weights 12.5 ounces. The MORIS system will replace the current identification procedures which involve taking a picture of the suspect, and downloading it to a computer to run facial recognition software.

    Created by BI2 Technologies and using facial recognition software from Animetrics, the small, effective device has made privacy sticklers rather worried. Bernard Melekian, The U.S. Justice Department director of Community Oriented Policing Services, doesn't share the sentiment.

    If the purpose is to determine instantly an individual’s identity and determine whether they are wanted or have serious criminal history, that is not only a desirable use, it is an important use. To simply collect information on individuals to add to the database would not in my opinion be a desirable use of the technology. - Melekian
    The $3,000 device will likely find its way into precincts by the end of the year. Or not, because the device costs $3,000.

    Source: TUAW
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    2011-07-16 04:24 AM
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    Looks badass, except its so fat, I wouldn't want that in my pocket... Maybe it attaches to their toolbelt.
    2011-07-16 04:42 AM
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    How bout including a thumb-print recognition? What if the individual is completely blind?

    Brilliant idea. They should also include thumb-prints too in that device. What if the person is completely blind (white retina)?????
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    2011-07-16 05:46 AM
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    Title spelling fail..

    That thing is huge..
    2011-07-16 07:25 AM
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    Title spelling fail..
    I'm sure you could have come up with a nicer way of letting the author know he made a typo. It, however, has been fixed.

    --Why, after reading this article, do I feel like I feel like I'm starting to live Winston Smith's life? Three grand is a minimal hurdle for technology of this nature...
    2011-07-16 07:42 AM
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    I hate cops
    2011-07-16 10:18 AM
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    Cops like shiny objects regardless of whether they make society safer. This is an expensive yet cool technology that has no justifiable use in a police car.
    2011-07-16 03:06 PM
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    It's an iPhone from the 80's!
    2011-07-16 06:36 PM
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    Excuse me, son, let me put my hands all in your face with this new tool. We violate everything else you consider personal, now we can serve and protect your eyes too.
    2011-07-16 06:46 PM
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    This is awesome, as long as it's used to identify ONLY those that commit crimes.

    But Jesus Christ there's no reason for it to cost $3000 other than the company knowing full well that their profits will come from taxpayers. For this reason alone I hope it fails.

    All it is is a hard drive attached to an iPhone with some proprietary software installed. It's simply an iPhone app that searches a connected database.
    2011-07-16 08:10 PM
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    Cops like shiny objects regardless of whether they make society safer. This is an expensive yet cool technology that has no justifiable use in a police car.
    You really have no clue do you? This totally belongs in a police car.

    Officer stops a a person A for what ever..... he asked the guy for ID and he produces an ID. It's a "real" ID (easily obtained by the criminal element) so the officer runs it and it comes back clean. OR, he doesn't have ID but gives a false name and he runs that and the name is clean. Officer let's person A go.
    NOW if officer has this technology, he runs person A's face/retina and finds out he is really psycho criminal A with warrants for rape and murder of a child.

    Yeah has no use in a police car.

    How about you let the adults decide if this is needed and go back to playing with your barbies.
    2011-07-17 02:18 AM
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    Title spelling fail..

    That thing is huge..
    .....thats what she said....
    2011-07-17 05:02 AM