1. GodStang's Avatar
    I will be switching to AT&T at that same time due to no T-Mobile Service at home or at my parents. Hate having a cell phone that you can not use. So chances are I will be picking up two of these.
    2011-07-26 09:54 PM
  2. nebo1ss's Avatar
    If you even take the time to read some of ModMyI's articles, then you would've known the ACTUAL 4G internet speed won't appear until 2013-14. Some phone companies boast they have acquired 4G (e.g. Verizon) but only for marketing reason's, and tests show that AT&T's 3G service is actually faster than the advertised Verizon's "4G" service. Next time, have the patience to read some articles. Just a suggestion.
    While you are mostly correct about the availability of 4G and the next iphone will definitely not support it. Verizon does indeed have 4G in terms of their LTE network but it is only rolled out in a limited number of markets. I would sure like to know your source for the ATT 3G service is faster than the Verizon 4G service. The 4G LTE network that Verizon is rolling out leaves ATT in the dust. Of course ATT will soon start rolling out their LTE network as well. However, i agree 2012/13 is more realistic for widely available LTE networks.
    2011-07-28 02:39 AM
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