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    Amazon released their Kindle Cloud Reader Web App designed for use with iPads and a few select web browsers, in an effort to sidestep Apple's in-app purchase requirements.

    Amazon has managed to produce a very competent web app, providing Kindle readers a seamless and infinitely easy buying and reading experience. As Wired points out, it may in fact be too easy. Buying and reading books may completely avoid registering on your expenses radar until it's too late.

    However, despite its ease of use, there are a number of features missing for users familiar with their native Kindle apps. Wired put together a great list of the downsides to the Cloud Reader, the main one being Amazon ignored a majority of the web. The Cloud Reader only works on Chrome and Safaric browsers (Mac and PC), and Safari on the iPad.

    Wired's "Incomplete" List:

    • Use an unsupported browser (that would be most of them).
    • Highlight text or write notes (you can read older notes).
    • Copy-and-paste text.
    • Share text or notes over social media like Twitter and Facebook (you can do this in the iOS Kindle app now).
    • Read or buy magazines or other periodicals (you can do this in the iOS Kindle app now, too).
    • Read enhanced books with audio/video that Amazon sells for iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone.
    • You can’t read EPUB3, the emerging — but still incomplete — e-book standard that is HTML5 but isn’t used by the Kindle. Or Nook. Or iBooks. Even for the enhanced books that sometimes use HTML5 audio and video.
    All of these are easily fixable and will most likely be addressed in the coming weeks and months. However, it is somewhat disappointing that a flexible web standard like HTML5 has been relegated so inflexible to only a few supported web browsers. However, the app's functionality is a prime example of why Apple should be worried about HTML5's capabilities, which is a bit ironic, considering how hard they pushed the new standard in their efforts to kill Adobe's Flash.

    Source: Wired
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    There is always another way to get around things!
    2011-08-11 06:49 PM
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    Kudos, Amazon. Way to flip off Apple I especially love the homescreen bookmark; nice added touch. This looks pretty sweet, even with the limitations.
    2011-08-12 01:44 AM