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    when will apple allow more devs to beta test itunes match i want to help test it?

    The iCloud announcement came and went, and with it rumors of an Apple streaming music service died.

    However, last night an iTunes Match Developer Beta was released, and hidden inside was the ability to stream songs to the entire spectrum of iOS devices. Amazon and Google's services can't do that, and force their users to upload their entire library to the cloud track by track. Apple users can simply "Scan" their library and Apple will provide them the same song, found on Apple servers, for streaming or download. Until today, it was thought, the only way for iTunes Match users to listen to music was to download the matched music first, not stream.

    It appears Apple has "underpromised and overdelivered" as TechCrunch's MG Siegle put it. Especially since iTunes Match scans and streams your music regardless of whether it was bought in iTunes, ripped from a CD, or torrented. Also, the songs iTunes Match recognizes will be streamed at 256kbps from Apple's master recordings, and the obscure indie-euro-electro-death metal band it doesn't recognize will be uploaded to the cloud from your library and then streamed.

    It seems odd Apple waited this long to confirm, let alone mention, the iTunes Match streaming feature. They did after all spend a small fortune securing the rights to do so from the labels. Whatever their reason, for those of us willing to pay $25 a year, and who have an iTunes library worthy of an appearance on Hoarders, iTunes Match appears to be a pretty sweet deal.

    Source: CNET
    2011-09-02 02:25 AM
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