1. brianiino's Avatar
    Guys, when the iPad 2 came out, I believe that's the biggest hint on what the iPhone 5 will look like. A mini iPad 2.
    2011-09-04 02:58 AM
  2. Cowboy's Avatar
    I dont know I just want to see some specs I want it to whoop all the new dual core phones that are coming out the the galaxy S II and Htc holiday and so on
    2011-09-04 03:13 AM
  3. Zokunei's Avatar
    so are developers getting mad about every new device having a new resolution?
    2011-09-04 05:59 PM
  4. rettignick's Avatar
    in a fashion that i almost never follow i would like to make a prediction that i think will come of the next few weeks with apple.

    I feel as if the next iphone to be released will be an iphone 5 with a:
    a5 processor
    ~1gb of ram
    double storage for lack of there not being that upgrade in the iphone 4
    8mp camera
    shape of the ipad 2, simply because thats the next stage we already saw it with the itouch 4 as well
    4.1" screen, 3.7" is to small and doesnt compete with android and 4.3"-4.7" is to much of a leap forward for apple in order to make a long term obligation to WANT/NEED the next version
    edge to edge display, maybe not completely but close, much less than now
    maybe an elongated home button to mimic/accent androids 4 keys to allow for better single had navigation and swype gestures
    hd facetime over 3g (720p of course)
    slightly longer battery life, example. 3.5v upgraded to 3.7v
    better speaker, mic and noise caneltion mic as well as louder earpiece
    inclusion if at&t's 4g network, HSPA+, not to be confused with verizon's 4g/lte, the current market standards are simple 3g evolution and are merely 3.5/.75g networks, and very much not the same as the TRUE mobile 4G (TD-LTE) (100mbit mobile link, 1gbit stationary link)
    all of this will be included in a brushed aluminum? back similar to the ipad 2 and ipod touch 4g thinner than the iphone 4 now and ipod touch, with the 4.1" screen meaning this package is larger than current apple handhelds, and will be avaiable on all major US carriers, tmobile, att, verizon and sprint in a single true "world phone" handheld (inclusiing of sprint is questionable as it might be a better market idea to release the iphone 4s on there instead in a verizon version frame)

    iphone 4s will be released and will replace the iphone 3gs on the market
    it will have 8gb on memory
    and will feature a upgraded working antenna design
    there will be a seperate verizon version as neither of these models will offer 4g

    the iphone 3gs will become free with signing of 2 year contract

    the ipod touch 5 will be released with similar specs as the iphone 5
    there may be a 3g version (wow is apple trying to faze out mobile carriers and currently simply using them for data packages, with an itouch 5 we would see facetime over 3g (free calls to anyone with an idevice) imessages, over 3g of course (not paying carriers for messages), samsung just released chaton for all platforms so now you can communicate with all of your friends (at least the cool ones). all of this is being done so apple can used their $$$76B to buy/build their own mobile network and become the next CARRIER?

    and last maybe an ipad 3, or better known as ipad HD with a retina display
    no other upgrades, saved for ipad 4 next spring
    2011-09-05 10:49 AM
  5. Kinkme93's Avatar
    ^^ longest comment ever! But good point!
    2011-09-05 11:43 AM
  6. Tomcat50's Avatar
    Really getting bored of the rumours. Enough just release the dam thing & iOS 5.
    2011-09-08 02:11 AM
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