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    Undoubtedly, the number one complaint people have with the Mail.app on any iDevice is that you can't attach and send files. There are ways to send pictures and videos, but other than that, you're stuck with no functionality in that regard. A recently released tweak in Cydia, called AnyAttach, gives the user functionality to add files to your emails. Not only does it support pictures and videos, but it supports any type of file.

    With AnyAttach installed, inside an email composition window, a paper clip button appears on the subject line. When you tab that button, it brings up an iFile-like interface so that you can choose files within your system. You can navigate throughout your entire system, just like iFile, and are able to choose and send any files you want. Also, a convenient photo/video picker allows you to search through your Photo.app and choose files you wish to send. Now - what makes the picker in the filesystem or the Photo.app really handy is that it allows you to choose multiple files to send. No more one at a time bit!

    After choosing the files you want, you just simply hit "Done" and it adds the respective file(s) to the email. From there, you send it; and there you have it.

    In Settings, you can choose to enable/disable AnyAttach and have a few options in regards to what you can view in the navigation finder:

    • Show hidden
    • Show App Names
    • Entire filesystem

    Hands down, this tweak works exceptionally and is well worth the purchase. It's available on Cydia now for $1.99 and is available on all devices and firmwares 4.0+ (can't be downloaded or installed on the iOS 5 beta at this time - it should be available on 5.x when iOS 5 publicly releases). I highly recommend creating or using a recognized folder on your device to store files you wish to keep or send. Simply SSH into your device and create a folder so that you can always refer to that folder when sending files. It comes in handy.

    Name: AnyAttach
    Author: H. Samara & N. Bassen
    Version: 1.0-1
    Price: $1.99

    I was able to speak with Hanéne Samara, one of the creators of AnyAttach, and ask her a few questions about AnyAttach:

    JOSH: How did you and your partner get together to work on AnyAttach? Have you worked on other projects together or is this your first time?
    HANÉNE: We already worked together on Safari Upload Enabler. Apart from developing for iOS, we work together offering general and specialized IT services.

    JOSH: What gave you guys the desire to create AnyAttach? How long have you been working on the tweak itself?
    HANÉNE: Actually we had this idea some time ago but we only did some quick tests. We were working on other projects meanwhile that prevented us from putting more effort into this. Especially Safari Upload Enabler. It took about three months to make it work. However the final kick to create AnyAttach came from Safari Upload Enabler customers who requested such a tweak. And this is the reason why we made it.

    A big part of the work for AnyAttach is the file and photo picker which we adopted from Safari Upload Enabler with little modifications under the hood. This saved us some time but nevertheless the total development time took about a month. But don't forget we also work on other projects apart from iOS tweaks. :-)

    JOSH: Do you have any planned incorporations for the future? Anything new and exciting in regards to AnyAttach in the works?
    HANÉNE:AnyAttach will soon get the capability to put selected files into a ZIP file before attaching them. And we are working on DropBox support so that you can directly attach files from your DropBox. Safari Upload Enabler will also get the ability to upload files directly 'out of the box'. However we don't have a deadline yet. It's done when it's done so don't ask when it will be finished!

    JOSH: Do you guys (or you guys separately) have any new projects that you are working on that you wouldn't mind speaking about?
    HANÉNE:Yes we are working on something new. But currently we don't want to talk about it because it will still take some time to finish it. I can tell you only this: it'll be a special and useful tweak.

    JOSH: If anyone has any suggestions on how to make AnyAttach better, what is your guys' best method of communication?
    HANÉNE: Just send us an email: cydia[at]samara-it[dot]de. We are always looking for translators for all of our products. So if you find your native language isn't supported, don't hesitate to contact us!

    Source(s): Hanéne Samara
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    nice, saw it in cydia a few hours ago...great idea
    2011-09-07 05:17 AM
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    Oooo!!! Now I can't wait till iOS 5 update for this!!
    2011-09-07 06:28 AM
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    Under what? Tweaks? Because when I search for it, nothing comes up. What repo is it in?
    2011-09-07 07:51 AM
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    Under what? Tweaks? Because when I search for it, nothing comes up. What repo is it in?
    2011-09-07 08:17 AM
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    Very nice. Simple & typical usage.
    One problem on the receiving inbox. I emailed a .deb. It send and received no problem. The inbox .deb had only 1 option, open with iFile which froze my iPad. No problems on the computer. It's still great, almost 100%.
    Money well spent. Thanks
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    2011-09-07 08:38 AM
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    looks like a great app. do you know if it will limit file size of videos?
    2011-09-07 09:39 AM
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    Instant buy.
    2011-09-08 02:01 AM
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    Beautiful Totally worth the 2 bucks!

    This feature should be built into iOS. Another way Android beats iOS out of the box.
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    2011-09-08 04:31 AM