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    I'm telling you it's the data hogs' faults! If they weren't using 20-30GB a month, we (the lesser users who might need more than 2GB but less than 10) wouldn't get screwed this way.
    I agree .... it's true to an extent. What's also true ... AT&T and the rest want money. Any way any how they can get it!! If everyone STOPPED using data, then we would all be using VOICE too much !!!
    2011-09-23 01:24 AM
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    It's all about supply and demand (like gas prices). Since everyone has a cell phone... and most everyone uses data... data prices go up and usage is limited. Gas prices go up... and less people take trips. In the end it hurts the economy. The trick for the phone companies is that users won't stop using and so they get twice as much profit as the user gets less data. The only way we get unlimited back is when competition allows it and technology demands it. It's the same as phasing out oil vs. electric. There needs to be a demand and the technology needs to be accessible to everyone for the ultimate change to occur. For now, the phone companies get to beat it's users down... just like the oil companies.
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    2011-09-23 03:15 AM
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    That makes a lot of sense. As one of the 97% of smartphone users that don't go over 2gb a month, users that have the "I can use 200gb a month if I want to" really piss me off.
    Sprint is just preparing for a HUGE bandwidth load and limiting the greedy people.
    Well people like you really piss me off. I have unlimited and very rarely do I ever exceed 2gb a month. But I fully support those who use more and more power to them. We didn't cry and beg AT&T to offer unlimited data. They knowingly offered it to us when the first iPhone came out as a huge incentive of switching to them. Even currently Sprint brags and boasts about their unlimited data only to be flat out lying to the public about it. When I purchased an iPad I decided to do the honest thing and call AT&T to ask if I could add tethering to my plan, I was denied saying that because I had unlimited data I was not allowed to add tethering. I would have to drop it down to 2gb and then pay an extra $15 to add tethering. So now $45 for 4gb instead of $30 for unlimited. Make any sense to you? And as your second post so clearly points out that the plans are for "mobile" use not home ISP...isn't my iPad mobile? Isn't my laptop mobile? Aren't they 100% designed to be unplugged from the wall and taken where I want to go? I feel that's mobile.

    And now to top it all off AT&T says they are streamlining their service by getting rid of their lower tiered messaging plans. Really?! Right as iOS 5 comes out and lets iPhone users message each other for free AT&T decides to do this. That's a little ironic. I was excited to see that option in iOS 5 because most of my friends use iPhones so now I could save $10 a month and drop down the the 200 messages option. But no, they took that away too in order to keep my bill over $100 a month. Funny thing here is that messages use zero bandwidth. They are piggybacked onto already in use radio waves and cost phone companies zero dollars. Why do they get to get rid of unlimited data on the cry of using too much bandwidth but continue to charge us an arm and a leg for something that doesn't use any? It's just bad business.

    So you sit there on your chair high above the rest of us, telling us what we should and shouldn't be able to do. Think of it this way. I run a wine business. I have a wine club where people get 4 bottles a month for a certain price. Now what if I decided that because they weren't drinking the wine themselves, but sharing it with their friends, that I was only going to give them 2 bottles a month for the same price and tell them that because I don't have enough money to keep my business running under the agreement that we originally had you get half as much. Oh and I'm allowed to do this without telling you and there is nothing you can do about it because you signed a contract. Seems a little bull$!*# when you put it that way doesn't it.
    2011-09-23 07:31 PM
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    i think i unly used hotspot ones since i had att for 1 min making sure it mywi worked.

    i hope tmob stays tmob, att stays att go nd f** themsevles Period and Sprint pulls of something nice not trying to be ATT.
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    2011-09-24 03:07 AM
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    I use MLB.TV on my Iphone and it would be nice if I was exempt from a bandwidth cap since that's all I use my data for. I paid $120 for it. Why the hell offer it??? Especially since I use it at work and need 3G to watch games and wifi is not available. I wouldn't care if AT&T would trace my data. I would welcome it so they knew I am not an extreme data hog.
    2011-09-24 10:26 PM
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