1. Matthew_Madlock's Avatar
    Let's hope there IS actually an event... Apple has been making us wait far too long...all I can say is the next iPhone(s) better be spectacular, or Apple won't have many happy campers...
    Not only does it need to be spectacular but it also needs to be able to keep up with if not stomp the best of them especially the newly released galaxy SII hd LTE which sports a 1.5 g processor and a 1280 by 720 screen resolution!
    2011-09-26 05:38 PM
  2. Poseidon79's Avatar
    Pixel density and thus resolution on the iPhone 4 is still more than any other current phone on the market. Battery life is still longer than any other smartphone on the market. The A4 processor with iOS 4 is still just as fast and more efficient than any other dual core processor on the market that I've compared it to in real time. iOS is optimized for Apple hardware so it only needs 512MB RAM whereas Android is bloated and then gets a manufacturer UI skin on top of it (HTC Sense, Samgsung Touchwiz... etc) and needs 1GB just to run properly these days. I actually don't see why Apple would need anything more than an iPhone 4S at this point to beat everything out there.
    2011-09-26 07:49 PM
  3. Tashawn's Avatar
    I believe this year is the year of the software. If apple comes out with 4Gs/4s that would be fine enough. IMO to keep up with the Galaxy S2(or any android phone for that matter) all we would need is widgets.
    2011-09-26 10:27 PM
  4. matrixhunter's Avatar
    This event will determent my next phone. There are WAY too many options out there. And if apple releases same phone but faster, well I'm OUT!
    dont go lol if this phone does look the same but faster skip it and go for the iphone 6 it will probably be redesigned at even more faster
    2011-09-26 10:36 PM
  5. AcePilot's Avatar
    Let him go. He will be back.
    2011-09-30 04:10 AM
  6. Poseidon79's Avatar
    Let him go. He will be back.
    I hope he goes... The lines will be shorter without him
    2011-09-30 04:29 AM
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