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    San Francisco Police continued their odd behavior this weekend in the iPhone 5 prototype non-police case.

    A quick refresher for those out of the loop: according to reports Apple lost another iPhone prototype in a bar in San Francisco. Apple took it upon themselves to enlist the help of San Francisco police to locate the device without a crime having been committed, essentially using them as their private investigators. Now, it appears as part of an investigation into Apple’s use of San Francisco police officers as investigators, police have asked for security tapes from the bar be turned over to them according to Jose Valle whose family owns the bar, Cava 22, where the phone was lost.

    However, San Francisco police lieutenant Troy Dangerfield told CNET he was not aware investigators from the SFPD had asked for the footage. “In order for there to be a crime, you need a victim,” Dangerfield told CNET, hinting that the taking of the tapes could be part of an internal review of the SFPD’s involvement in the matter.

    No video, images, or information about the iPhone prototype have leaked in the time since the device went missing. Last time this whole lose-the-prototype thing happened the entire blogosphere had a heart attack and Apple slapped Gizmodo with a lifetime Apple event ban then had their stuff searched by authorities. Perhaps Apple met the train at the pass this time and prevented any possible leak. Or, maybe the requesting of the video is another effort by Apple and their SFPD lackeys to figure out what happened.

    Perhaps the bigger question now is, what exactly is on the tapes?

    Source: CNET
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    2011-09-26 10:24 AM
  2. c0deName_ZERO's Avatar
    From a different point of view simply to get people hyped .... i personally can't wait for the i5 to be released .....but lets make it news that the waited iPhone 5 might be somewhere out there that we might get some news on what it really its .........thats the real question what are they looking for in the tapes ....who did it ??
    2011-09-26 11:08 AM
  3. mallenass's Avatar
    so where is the ¨lost¨ phone??
    2011-09-26 11:28 AM
  4. hitman10's Avatar
    Really, 3 iPhones lost in a bar? Give me a break.
    2011-09-26 12:07 PM
  5. Cheesey123's Avatar
    so where is the ¨lost¨ phone??
    It's was taken by rock and roll loving aliens and where better to get Elvis than iTunes!!!! E.T needed to phone home and an android just didn't cut it for him ;0)
    2011-09-26 01:23 PM
  6. ikesmasher's Avatar
    why not fire the idiots who lose them? Dont go to a bar with a prototype, because it hasn't been turning out well for those in the past, has it?
    2011-09-26 02:24 PM
  7. tomlangford001's Avatar
    Maybe the i5 looks identical to the i4 thats why it hasnt surfaced on the web and surley apple can tell where the device is by the device id or if it has been synced with a computer. Wheres the find my iphone app when you need it
    No Sig Spam..
    2011-09-26 03:48 PM
  8. ramicio's Avatar
    Whatever happened to "finders, keepers / losers, weepers"? It doesn't appear to me as these phone losses are random events, either. For someone to lose something, and someone find it, it's not a crime. Apple are acting like criminals here.
    2011-09-26 05:12 PM
  9. RICO_'s Avatar
    Your stupid employee lost the prototype because you (Apple) were dumb enough to make the same mistake twice. Deal with it and move on.....it's not coming back. Stop trying to get more publicity for yourself by getting the police involved in a non-criminal matter.
    2011-09-26 05:17 PM
  10. Chaingun's Avatar
    Maybe apple should start hiring professional testers instead of a bunch of bar hopping college drop outs... Just saying there is a good way to field test the most sought after handheld technologies in the world, then there is apple's way.
    2011-09-26 06:55 PM
  11. creasy425's Avatar
    This is how the conversation should have goneSFPD-"we need your security tapes"Bar owner-"you got a warrant?"SFPD-"well.......no"Bar owner-"[email protected]#$% off then".
    2011-09-26 08:01 PM
  12. Greatbiguns's Avatar
    This is how the conversation should have goneSFPD-"we need your security tapes"Bar owner-"you got a warrant?"SFPD-"well.......no"Bar owner-"[email protected]#$% off then".
    Exactly, WTF? Either there are a bunch of things they aren't telling us or they are waaaay over stepping their boundaries... You gotta be kiddin' me, no one held this guy up at gun point and "Stole" the phone, some idiot set it down and forgot it!! How about- Quit handing out prototypes to IDIOTS if you are worried about losing one! If you are going to hand them out to just anyone, send a couple my way!!
    One thing is for sure, I'm going to start spending more time in the bars of San Fran!! WORD...
    2011-09-26 09:44 PM
  13. Gamemaster77's Avatar
    Why should the police get involved? If I lose my iPhone they wouldn't get involved.
    2011-09-26 09:47 PM
  14. imperialto's Avatar
    This is how the conversation should have goneSFPD-"we need your security tapes"Bar owner-"you got a warrant?"SFPD-"well.......no"Bar owner-"[email protected]#$% off then".
    that is very well written!
    2011-09-26 09:47 PM
  15. Charlymanson's Avatar
    Lmao i think apple just likes to **** around with us. every year someone loses a phone at a random bar, lol too funny
    2011-09-26 09:59 PM
  16. unison999's Avatar
    Hay Apple, here is a thought...Since you employ so many drunk irresponsible employees, why don't you open a bar in your school? Call it Appletini or something. Not like you do not have the money for it.
    2011-09-26 11:04 PM
  17. Greatbiguns's Avatar
    Appletini- BRILLLLIANT!! They could open this in the center of their circular space shuttle complex in the outdoor space....
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    2011-09-26 11:10 PM
  18. Madman604x's Avatar
    would a small chain locking the phone to your pants be so difficult?
    2011-09-28 09:11 PM
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