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    You're one of those people who's never happy no matter what Apple does. You probably complained when Apple didn't allow multitasking on the iPhone 3G and at the same time complain how slow it is when you jailbreak it and add multitasking. Apple has spoiled people by adding backwards compatibility on their devices and they are WAY ahead of the curve when it comes to this than Android or any other phone manufacturer. If you buy a Samsung or HTC phone with Android you'd be lucky to get an update 6 months after Google releases it if anything at all. Apple doesn't want to provide a feature on a phone that won't give customers a perfect user experience... it's not always just to force people to upgrade. They learned their lesson when they allowed the iPhone 3G to have iOS 4 then got slapped with a class action law suite because the hardware couldn't handle it. I would much rather Apple withhold a feature for me that's not equipped to run on specific hardware then have it run like complete crap.
    What does being an inconsolable malingerer have to do with Apple?
    Happiness, unhappiness aren't a function of Apple's (or Google's) business model.
    It's a matter of qualia.
    • Notice that there are autumn leaves falling around you, and that they are pretty.
    • See that the back of your iPhone is shiny, and remember that you like shiny things
    • Read the posts that trolls post, and recognize and value their contribution to the discussion.

    You don't have to be happy.
    You could whine about the mess from all the crap on the ground,
    or at the way your week-old iPhone is already covered in scratches,
    and you can get very annoyed at trolls and give them the what-for.
    I would myself, prefer that Apple made all the software "features" available on hardware that could physically support it, and allow users to choose their own featureset and their own degree of bugs and sluggishness. But I am happy for the things in this world that are Good, and there are enough things in the world that are Good that have an Apple logo on them that are near me, that I can be happy for their sake, too.
    2011-10-01 01:56 AM
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