1. iJunkie68's Avatar
    wondering if this evil Google place might have a link for a good site to get said itunes beta 7 from? any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!!
    2011-10-05 02:15 AM
  2. iKillYou's Avatar
    iTunes 5 beta 7????
    2011-10-05 02:49 AM
  3. Adayday's Avatar
    You know what guys? I just read through all the comments, and even though some of them were rude, you guys changed my mind. All I wanted was to say something and I ended up being wrong and I wanted the post taken down mainly because this is an app also and I thought that if apple saw this they would remove the MMi app from the app store which would be a shame because I actively read this site. I realized I was wrong and just wanted to post this. In no way was I trying to act "higher" than anyone because all I am is a reader and that is it, not an owner, not a writer, just a READER. Thank you for proving your point and lets just move on from this and it didn't take 34 comments to get this down to a simple conclusion.
    2011-10-05 02:49 AM
  4. iPod's Avatar
    So wait, we can upgrade without a dev account, but we'll still have to have a beta installed anyway? I'm so confused...

    secret moderator... Please hit that THANKS button over there if I helped you in any single way
    2011-10-05 02:54 AM
  5. ericwall's Avatar
    This is the last post I'm going to reply to because this is pointless. Welcome to the real world, making rules that you don't have to follow yourself is one of the perks to being an owner. May not be fair, but it's life. Also, google isn't helping anyone download it, just find it Im very sorry that you have such a miserable life that you must complain about a forum you are active in. Hope that works out for ya.
    Exactly. +1
    2011-10-05 03:02 AM
  6. mudslag's Avatar
    10.5 beta 7, is that version?
    2011-10-05 03:36 AM
  7. JamesL1991's Avatar
    My friend sent me a the 3gs version of ios 5 gm, i did the update and afterwards i remembered I upgraded my phone to the ipad baseband, And itunes tells me theres no sim card inserted, also the wireless activation doesn't work. Does anyone have any info how to fix this? or any news on wether a pwnagetool will be out to create cfw?
    2011-10-05 03:51 AM
  8. billchase2's Avatar
    Is there a way to upgrade to iOS 5 GM on a GSM iPhone 4 without upgrading the baseband? I'm still on 01.59.00 and would prefer to stay that way.
    2011-10-05 04:44 AM
  9. plainwhitetay's Avatar
    if iTunes beta 7 causes problems (not being the latest, which i think you would use?) i'm gonna be real upset. downloading what's needed now. hopefully all this won't take too long or go too bad.
    2011-10-05 05:35 AM
  10. szr's Avatar
    So why did I pay a hundred bucks to be a developer and have access to these tools to help with my developing?
    I feel it is important to point out that you're paying for a developer account, which is not the same as paying for a specific software. Seeing as iOS firmwares are usually freely available to anyone at final release, I do not believe it's correct to label the uploading of it as piracy. It still may be wrong to do so, assuming anyone with developer access is bound to some sort of agreement, but unless it is a fully signed NDA, it's not really a question of legality, but whoever uploaded could potentially loose their account if caught.
    2011-10-05 05:41 AM
  11. Gman Smartboy's Avatar
    Wow post after post of people who don't even have the developer account with Apple.
    Apologies to the people that do.
    Just quit furiously hitting refresh on MMi and wait for the official release.
    2011-10-05 06:02 AM
  12. lillewis51's Avatar
    whats error 3002? i got it when trying to update..
    2011-10-05 07:05 AM
  13. glow's Avatar
    Like some I received the 3002 error when attempting to 'update.' The workaround for me was to Shift+Restore instead then load my most recent backup. I recommend you backup before attempting the process ... just in case
    2011-10-05 07:39 AM
  14. Simon's Avatar
    You cannot "update" to 5.0GM. You have to restore. That is why you received the 3002 error.
    2011-10-05 12:18 PM
  15. mainc21's Avatar
    I don't see why people are making a big deal about people downloading the beta release of iOS 5. If you think about it, usually other (paid) software when in a beta stage is usually free for anyone to download to be tested to work out the bugs. Maybe that's why anyone can download and install this release. I know if I was the owner of a particular software, I would want it tested by as many people as possible to work out the bugs faster to prevent having to come up with so many freaking updates and security fixes and what not. So, in my opinion, I think its actually a good idea if Apple would let people use the software before its official release to be brought aware of any issues that the developers could have potentially missed. you can't tell me that this hasn't happened in the past. look at iOS 4 for example. I'm just saying.
    2011-10-05 03:50 PM
  16. tfink660's Avatar
    Ok im new to trying to install new firmware , that is why i am here for all of your help i downloaded the itunes 10.5 beta 7 and the CDMA ios5 CDMA GM could you please tell me step by step how to do this upgrade thanks much in advance thanks.. . do i need to place the firmware in a specific folder do i have to unzip it i really am learning and really could use help thanks.
    2011-10-05 04:55 PM
  17. Michael69's Avatar
    What's pirated? Nothing is for sale here. iOS is released free to public
    2011-10-05 06:52 PM
  18. tfink660's Avatar
    when i tried to update i got a 3002 error when i tried a restore i got a 3194 error please help thanks.
    2011-10-05 11:09 PM
  19. Michael69's Avatar
    I just upgraded. When I first did it I got the same msg. U have to get unjailbroken to next iOS and then restore ios5. Works fine. Signal and all.
    2011-10-05 11:17 PM
  20. tfink660's Avatar
    im not jail broken and i have verizons latest firmware cant get anything to work.
    2011-10-05 11:34 PM
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